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Butt Plug Travel Tips

One of the best things about getting some days off work is the fact that we can finally relax. We can do what we like and enjoy ourselves without having to worry about anything remotely connected to our job.

However, when it comes to sex toys, and butt plugs, in particular, some situations can easily make us break down in tears in an airport full of people. For example, forgetting that our steel butt plug is still inside us — yes, that can certainly happen!

So today, we thought we should enlighten our readers a bit. Let’s figure out some travel tips that will surely come in handy the next time anyone decides to get kinky even while on vacation.

First Things First — Hygiene Is Everything

We all know how divine butt plugs feel while one of them is inside us. Nevertheless, it’s important to realize that maintaining proper hygiene, both at home and while traveling, is of the utmost importance.

Therefore, we’ll have to pack a sex toy cleaner to ensure no bacteria find their way into our delicate area.

Yet this is where we have a problem; any liquid found in our carry-on can only be 3.4 ounces or less. So if we love using lube or we cannot live without our favorite cleaner, there’s a good chance we will have to transfer some of the liquids into smaller containers.

Luckily, if it’s a shorter trip, that won’t be a problem — there’s only so much cleaner and lube we’ll need.

But for longer trips, everyone ought to consider buying some lube or cleaner when they reach their destination. And in any case, most butt plugs can be cleaned with some lukewarm water and mild soap.

This is where we have to make a distinction between non-porous and porous butt plugs.

We can clean those made from hard plastic, rubber, nylon, neoprene and similar materials with water and soap right after use.

But those made of non-porous materials require some boiling water if we don’t have any cleaner at hand, and that’s only if the material is heat-resistant, like stainless steel or heat-proof glass.

For those that don’t handle the heat well, water and soap are again the winning combination.

Prep In Advance

Now, we all know how embarrassing it can be if the TSA agent decides to check our carry-on and see what those funny little things inside our bag are. What’s important to remember here is that preparing for the trip is everything.

This means we ought to buy some ziplock bags, put the butt plugs in and label them. Some users even say that we can (and should) write in huge letters “It’s a butt plug.”

That way, we’ll ensure there is no doubt regarding the object’s “purpose” whatsoever.

Does this mean they certainly won’t check our bags?

No. There’s always a chance the agent will have to look through it and inspect it thoroughly. It’s their job!

But what’s important is that we are not nervous about it or ashamed. Our sex life is nothing to be embarrassed about. Also, given that we have written a note and all, we’ve done all we could.

Carry-On Vs. Checked Luggage

As with everything we want to pack, we need to consider the size of the butt plugs. If we love those big models, maybe it would be a better idea to place them in our checked luggage and avoid them taking way too much space in our carry-on.

The procedure is the same as described above: those that go into the checked luggage will also have to be labeled.

Sometimes, if the TSA agent figures it could be something dangerous, they will rummage through. Providing them with a fitting description of the object would help in that case.

But what about carry-ons?

The ziplock bags will help there as well, but we also need to think about placement. If we don’t want anyone to see what we have packed, then we can put the butt plug between layers of clothing and buy ourselves a bit of time.

However, if we don’t have anything against someone going through our bag while there are people around, we can place it on top of the other stuff. Either way, we’re not carrying anything dangerous or harmful, so it’s unlikely we will experience issues.

Battery-Powered Butt Plugs And Avoiding Trouble

Although unlikely, we never know when our battery-powered butt plug may start to vibrate. We could be sure that we haven’t even touched the remote; yet somehow, we hear that well-known buzz and immediately break into a sweat.

Now, there is a simple solution to this. We can just remove the batteries and place the remote in a ziplock bag as well. This might even help with convincing the TSA agent that it’s not a bomb but a butt plug!

However, a word of warning — do check which batteries you can pack in your carry-on or checked luggage.

A simple Google search will point you in the right direction. Nevertheless, know that it’s probably safer to pack them in the carry-on. That way, the flight attendants can help you if a fire breaks out.

Would It Be Safe To Wear A Butt Plug While Traveling?

Yes and no — or, in other words, it depends on what kind of a butt plug we’re talking about.

The metal detectors won’t detect those that are made from rubber, silicone or similar materials. However, full-body scans might notice them.

Given the fact that there are unusual ways of transporting drugs and other forbidden items, the agent might require us to go through a full body check.

Metal butt plugs are likely to peep when going through the metal detector, so those are a no-go for sure!

In the end, it depends on the butt plug and whether or not we can place it back in after we go through the checks or when we arrive at our destination. In our opinion, it’s best to leave the fun for when we get off the plane.

However, if we’re traveling by boat, bus or anything similar, we can get away with it on shorter trips, as long as we remember to lube up properly.

Airport Harassment And How Not To Be Nervous About Carrying Sex Toys

Finally, we ought to address a common problem among sex toy users — they can easily feel embarrassed when someone spots their sex toys in the bags.

But we’re here to tell you there’s no need to worry about it!

After all, the TSA agents have seen it all, and in most cases, they’ve checked every toy out there and can immediately tell what it is. However, if we end up having to remove the contents of the bag for everyone to see, we ought to hold our position.

It’s our sex life, and we are not doing anything wrong!

If the agents start harassing us or making fun of our sex toys in any way, we can always file a complaint and say what bothered us. Some giggles and looks may happen, but harassing anyone because of their choices is not the way to go.

Simply put — if they ask anything, don’t beat around the bush. Say what the toy is and even what you use it for if you have to. Chances are, they will just nod and let you go through.

In the end, it’s all about the attitude and the prep time. If we take all the precautionary steps and figure out how to comply with airport and luggage rules, there’s no reason why we cannot have some fun while traveling the world.

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