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Enemas VS Anal Douches: What's the Difference?

Both enemas and anal douches are great tools to make sure that you are nice and clean before engaging in anal sex. Which you choose to use though can depend on a number of factors. In this article, we’ll go over some of the aspects of each, and hopefully help you decide which is the right one for you.

The Basics

An anal douche will generally be a small piece of equipment. It usually consists of a bulb and a nozzle, which can be separated from each other. Liquid is put into the bulb then squeezed into the anus. A douche will generally be able to hold a few hundred millilitres of fluid.

An enema is very similar, with a couple of key differences. Rather than a bulb, and enema will have a bag to contain the liquid. The nozzle will still be present, but the time at the end of a long tube which connects the bag to the nozzle. An enema will hold much larger volumes of liquid, sometimes even several litres.


An anal douche is used to clean out the rectum. The nozzle is inserted directly into the anus. Liquids are put into the bulb part of the douche, and then gently squeezed into the rectum. Once inside, the liquids are held for a short period of time before being expelled again, carrying any leftover faeces and bacteria with it.

Enemas are used in a slightly different way, as they intend to clean much deeper into the colon itself. The nozzle is still inserted directly into the anus, and the bag at the top filled with fluids. Rather than squeezing the liquid in though, an enema bag will be hung up, at a level higher than the anus. This lets gravity naturally pull the liquid down through the tube, and gradually fill up the rectum and colon gently. An enema will typically take much longer to perform than an anal douche, but will be much more thorough.


Both products are almost identical when it comes to cleaning. If your product is disposable, then it will be a simple matter of throwing it away. If you buy a reusable kit, then you will need to properly clean and disinfect your kit after every single use to prevent a build-up of bacteria which can then infect your body.


Price wise, you shouldn’t find too much of a difference between enemas and douches. Both will have cheaper options, made of worse materials, and more expensive options, made of higher quality material and designed to last. The both also have disposable options that may be cheaper short term, but over time will work out more expensive. Which you purchase should be based on factors other than price.

How does it feel?

In general, an enema will be much more uncomfortable than an anal douche. It takes a long time for water to reach the deeper parts of the colon, and cramping is common. You are also required to keep the liquid in for a longer period of time with an enema, so your colon can properly fill and cleanse. Douches on the other hand are a simple in and out process, needing to be held for a lot less time and expelled much sooner.


There are risks associated with both products. Ultimately, douches will be safer in general, as they interact with less of the body. In terms of actual damage they can do, the effects are basically the same. With an enema though, this risk is increased, as you aren’t just exposing your rectum but also your colon to outside influence.

Which should you choose?

If you still aren’t sure, perhaps trying both would be the best idea. When you experience it for yourself, you’ll be able to know for sure which one you are more comfortable with, and which level of cleaning you require. Either way though, your butt will be sparkling clean and ready for some anal penetration once you’ve finished.

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