What do Anal Beads Feel Like?

Anal beads can open all kinds of new sexual pleasure for you. But if you aren’t yet convinced, maybe knowing a little more about the feelings you encounter might convince you to pick up and try a set.



Insertion is the first part of using anal beads where you’ll begin to feel something new. Much of the pleasure will come from this part of the process as your anal sphincters will open and close as the balls enter creating a kind of popping sensation. This sensation will usually feel a lot better than using a penis or finger as they only open the sphincter and then keep it open.

Once they are in, anal beads don’t provide a constant stream of pleasure, but instead can be combined with other sexual activities to amplify them. You’ll be able to feel the beads inside you, but shouldn’t be actively noticing them. Having them in can make a woman’s vagina feel a bit tighter during sex, much like a butt plug, so you might enjoy wearing them during regular sex.



Removal is the second major part of the anal bead experience. Similarly to insertion, taking the beads out one at a time can give you a kind of popping sensation as your sphincter opens and closes again. A lot of people like to try and time their removal so that just as they are pulling the beads out they reach climax. This can give you some truly explosive feelings which are different from anything else you might experience sexually.

Some lucky people are able to reach orgasm entirely from anal stimulation. To accomplish this with anal beads, you’ll need to continue to both insert and remove the beads, moving up and down the chain to bring yourself closer and closer to the orgasm. Those who have experienced anal orgasms say they are completely different to regular orgasms and feel amazing.



While it might seam a little odd, varying the temperature of your anal beads can have some interesting effects. Some people like to cool them down, while others like to heat them up. It’s entirely down to personal preference, so feel free to experiment! Just be careful you aren’t going too far in either direction or you might find it a little painful.


Negative Feelings

As long as you are careful, take your time, and use plenty of lubricant, there aren’t really any bad feelings that anal beads can cause. They might feel a little uncomfortable when you first begin to use them, but this will pass naturally over time as you get used to them. The only other negative feelings you might feel would be down to your own thoughts about the process.

Men potentially have it worse in this case, as there is still some level of taboo surrounding anal play for men. Rest assured, making use of anal beads doesn’t make you gay. Your sexuality is down to your own personal preferences and all humans have the same anatomical parts to their butts, so everyone can enjoy it without worrying about anything.

Mess is the other thing that people sometimes worry about with anal play. As long as you’ve recently emptied your bowels, there’s very little chance that anything bad will happen. Most people go for a bowel movement around an hour before they start anal activity to make sure everything is nice and empty.


Different Materials

Materials can make a small amount of difference to the feelings you might experience. If you’re using a set of fully spherical balls, you’ll want to make sure that they remain fully rounded, and that any rough seams from the manufacturing process are properly sanded down so they don’t catch on your internal muscles. Some beads though, are not fully spherical, and can have patterns or ridges on the surfaces to give you different sensations. You might also come across hollow anal beads, which will have a smaller ball inside that can rattle and move around inside stimulating vibrations. Or you can go the whole way with vibrating anal beads and see what it feels like to bull a moving object out of your anus.

While that was just a short overview of what you might feel while using anal beads, the best way is to try it yourself! Almost all parts of anal play are highly personal, and what one person likes might be completely different to another. So grab a set of anal beads today, and get experimenting!