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What is a prostate, and how do you find it?

The prostate. This hidden gem of the male anatomy has spent a long time hidden under the rug. But with social acceptance and tolerance growing, it is beginning to be discussed more and embraced as an important part of male sexual stimulation and health. But what exactly is it?

What is a prostate?

The prostate is a small gland found only in men. It is usually around the size of a walnut or plum. The size can vary as a man ages for a range of reasons. Men are becoming more and more aware of the prostate in recent times, and paying some special attention to it can have wild benefits.

What does it do?

The prostate plays an important role in a man’s pelvic area. It acts as a valve, controlling the flow of both urine and ejaculate before it exits the body through the penis. It also does a lot of work with a man’s semen, creating fluids which help the sperm survive on their journey to a woman’s egg, and helping to control ejaculation.

Perhaps the most interesting function though, is as a pleasure centre for men during sexual activities. Sometimes called the p-spot, when stimulated the prostate can cause profound amounts of pleasure for men, much like a woman’s g-spot. Learning to properly utilise your prostate during sexual activities can lead a man to new heights of sexual pleasure.

Where is the prostate?

Unfortunately, nature may have played somewhat of a cruel trick on men with the location of the prostate. It is found just below the bladder, and in front of the rectum. It is around two to four inches inside the anus, towards a man’s belly button, meaning the most effective and easiest way to reach it is through a man’s butt. The depth of the prostate varies from man to man, making it easier for some men to reach than others.

How do I find it?

There are two main ways you can find your prostate, internally and externally. Externally, you reach your prostate by touching the right area of the perineum (the area between your scrotum and anus). You need to touch the middle to rear of the perineum as the front part of it contains the bulb at the bottom of the penis. External prostate stimulation can be effective for some men, but most will find a greater effect by reaching it internally.

Internally, you can make much greater contact with your prostate. This is done through entering the anus. If done with a finger, you will usually need to put the first two digits into your anus to reach the prostate.

Why would I want to find it?

You might wonder why people would want to find a gland located in such an unusual and difficult to reach place. It’s a good question. Prostates can be interacted with for two main reasons, health and pleasure.

From a health perspective, the prostate constantly produces liquids which become mixed with a man’s sperm during ejaculation. If the man is not regularly using up these liquids, they can become a breeding ground for many kinds of bacteria. By performing a prostate massage, a man can drain these liquids out, and keep their prostate nice and healthy.

From a pleasure perspective, the prostate gland is often referred to as a male g-spot, or p-spot. If you’ve ever talked to a woman about their g-spot, you’ll know that immense pleasure can come from stimulating it. The same is true for men, and they can experience intense and pleasurable orgasms by stimulating the prostate gland.

You might still have A LOT of questions about the prostate, especially if you’ve never thought about it before now. Luckily, we’re going to give you as much information as we can about it, as it’s an important part of the body that men used to get a lot of stigma for exploring.

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