15" - 16" Black with Orange Cat Tail Metal Plug

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  • Easy to clean
  • Great for Roleplay
  • Different colours for different breeds
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Specific needs call for specific tools. Luckily, these metal plugs are certified to offer you that fulfilling arousal and erotic satisfaction, touching all the right spots. All you have to do is to decide should you go for a small, medium or large plug. In order to get that seductive and fuzzier feel of the fur, be sure to blow the tail a bit with a hairdryer. 


Color/Type Black with orange
Butt plug material Metal
Butt plug dimensions

S: 1.10in x 2.76in

M: 1.38in x 3.35in

L: 1.61in x 3.74in

Tail Length 14.96in - 16.54in