10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug
10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug

10" Faux Raccoon Tail Plug

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Are you looking for something extraordinary to take your sex life to the next level? If you've been seriously considering this thought ever since you had your first mind-blowing orgasm, you should give anal sex a try to up the ante and satisfy your fast-becoming voracious sexual appetite.

To get yourself ready, engaging in anal play is what you need to do first. Do that by getting yourself a stylish butt plug. With our 10" Faux Raccoon Tail with 3 Butt Plug Sizes, you're not getting yourself an ordinary butt plug because you're definitely getting something special.

It comes with a tail, so you can literally transform yourself into some kind of animal. By wearing this toy, you finally have your chance of unleashing the beast from within.

When you have decided to do that, you must be overly generous when it comes to applying some lubricant as it will make the whole experience a memorable one. This is necessary because your ass does not self-lubricate. It needs your help, and you must do your part in making the proceedings go smoothly.

Wearing a butt plug serves as a warm-up to real anal sex; that's why you must put it on first to train your bum before any real meat penetrates your anus. Now that you can say you've found your newest favorite sex toy, you can stimulate yourself anytime you want and fulfill your sexual desires even when you're all alone.

When you're with your partner, you can indulge in some form of role-play where you can act as the pet while your partner is your owner. If they get turned on by the idea and want to switch roles, they must get one for themselves for health and safety reasons.

So, what are you waiting for? Order now!


Tail: Brown

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel

Handle: Synthetic Fur


Tail: 25cm (9.84 in.)


Small - 7.5cm (2.95 in.);

Medium - 8.5cm (3.34 in.);

Large - 9.5cm (3.74 in.)


Handle: N/A


Small - 2.8cm (1.10 in.);

Medium - 3.5cm (1.37 in.);

Large - 4.1cm (1.61 in.)

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