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How far would you go for the best night of your life? We say, not that far, because we're right here! One of our goals is to give you the best ways to satisfy your sexual cravings and fulfillment. After you've tried everything and all else fails, it's time to whip out the tiny trinkets that will give you huge results. That's what butt plugs are here for. You don't need to do much, just pop them in and you're good to go! It's time to experience anal gratification like never before. Let's not get too excited, we've got loads more to tell.

In this collection, we've compiled all of our best selling butt plugs in the entire store! This is what stood out from the rest, the best of the best. They may not be the biggest, but they're sure to give you one of the most unforgettable experiences in your life. Spice up your next playtime session the right way and the number one way with our best sellers. Give your partner the luxury that they deserve when you present them a sex toy that the both of you will fall in love with. Take BDSM into another level with our best selling butt plugs.

There are two types of butt plugs that are currently topping off our best sellers list: one of them is our variety of fox tail butt plugs. Petplay won't be the same when you include an animal tail in the picture. Both the stainless steel plug and fur used to make the toy are made from high-quality materials to ensure the best feeling and experience. We use both real fox fur and faux fur to make our tails, you won't even notice the difference. Choose from a wide selection of tail lengths, patterns, and colors to match your ensemble. Complete the getup with some fur ears and a collar and leash. Nothing says submissive and ready to pounce than a tame fox. And what better way to show the animal within you than an animal tail?

Our next best seller competitor is none other than our jeweled butt plugs. Only the most regally royals are entitled to the most sophisticated things. So, we've also come up with our utmost refined butt plugs for the kings and queens of your sexual fantasies. Similar to our fox tail butt plugs, the jeweled butt plugs are also made from high-quality stainless steel material. The gemstones are exact replicas of the precious minerals and look like the real thing! (The plugs would be very pricey if the stones were real) Choose from the flat rounded or a flat heart base for the handle, and pick your favorite color for the gemstone. A perfect way to be discreet but still shining is in one of our jewel butt plugs.

This collection is full of different varieties of butt plugs that anal gratification professionals have come to know and love. Know the secret of having a full anus and a titillating orgasm with our best selling anal toys! Give them a try and watch the night fly by.

Best Selling Butt Plugs - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Try out one of the most popular butt plugs money can buy!