Brown Cat Ears
Brown Cat Ears
Brown Cat Ears
Brown Cat Ears
Brown Cat Ears
Brown Cat Ears

Brown Cat Ears

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There are two sides of BDSM: one where you’re the innocent sub, and the other is if you’re the controlling dom. But once you get ahold of these Brown Cat Ears, your partner might have a hard time figuring out what you are!

They stand out among the rest of our cat ears as they look wilder than the others. If you see yourself as someone free and hard to tame, these should fit you well. You might even be mistaken as a wild animal instead of a domestic feline.

And who could blame them? The unruly mess, the innocent lighter shade to a daring dark hue, the imperfect edges--they all scream trouble. It’s up to you how you would want to present yourself in the bedroom. Regardless, the material will not disappoint. Thanks to its high quality and plush fur, you won’t even notice that it’s artificial!

The metal headband is a sturdy accessory to keep it all in place. As simple as it may seem, its rust-resistant and sturdy that can keep up with your wild activities. To make it more comfortable to wear, rubber tips are fashioned on each end.

There should be anything that could keep you from having a fun time with our Brown Cat Ears! Take home a pair now!



Product Details:


Type: Love Plug Accessories
Color: Brown
Material: Synthetic Fur and Metallic Headband
Size: 4 inches tall
Weight: 135g

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