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Random Color Jewel Chromed Stainless steel princess plug

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  • Range of body safe materials available
  • Jewels come in over 10 colours
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This princess plug is a true classic, and is perfect for those who want only the tried and true experience of anal play. Made of a finely polished stainless steel, this plug will last you a lifetime with the proper care, and its carefully designed shape ensures that it fits well and gives you the pleasure you’ve come to expect. What sets it apart from similar products out there is the shimmering crystal attached to the bottom of the plug, which is available in a spectacular array of colors, to suit all your needs. For this product, you will receive a RANDOM color.


Color/Type Random delivery
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions D 3.5cm * 8.5cm (1.38in * 3.35in)
Handle Material Jewel plate