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3 Large Size option Black Silicone plug

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It being available in three different sizes, this plug can be adapted to suit the needs of anal professionals and beginners alike. These range from a length of 8.6 cm and 2.8 cm width at its widest, to an extra-extra-large plug 14 cm in length, and 4.8 cm in diameter. They are made of a flexible yet sturdy black silicone with a matte finish. These plugs are simply not for the faint of heart, so if you feel up to the challenge, feel free to give them a try.


Color/Type Black
Butt plug material Silicone
Butt plug dimensions

(L) - D 2.8cm * 8.6cm (1.1in * 3.38in)

(XL) - D 3.8cm * 12.5cm (1.49in * 4.92in)

(XXL) - D 4.8cm * 14cm (1.89in * 5.51in)