What is the best lubricant for a butt plug?

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The importance of lubrication during any sort of anal play cannot be overstated.

There are various types of lube, and not all of them can be used with every butt plug. Here is a brief guide on lubes and plugs.

The three types of lubricants

There are three main types of lube: oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based. These all have different properties such as lasting time, slipperiness, odor, etc.

But the most important aspect to consider is the fact that certain lubes can damage your plugs, which can lead to potential health problems once you put the plug in.


Oil-based lubricant

Oil-based lubes are thicker than the other types, and provide fantastic lubrication. They last long (they don’t dry out) - great for extended butt plug usage, and are often less irritating than other types of lube.

However, they come with a big caveat – they cannot be used with latex, whether it’s latex condoms, or latex plugs. Oil-based lubes are also much more difficult to clean, as they don’t dissolve in water.



Silicone based lubricant


Silicone- based lubes are very smooth and silky, and last long, so there is less need to re-apply it.


However, they cannot be used with silicone toys, including plugs, because the silicone starts to dissolve in the lube and may actually be absorbed by your colon once inside, which may cause some health problems.


Water based lubricant

Water-based lubes are the most versatile of the bunch, they are easy to clean, and can be used safely with any type of plug.

These dry out quickly, and get very sticky as they dry, so you will need to re-apply the lube often for optimal lubrication throughout your play time.

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