32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug
32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug
32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug
32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug
32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug
32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug

32" Red With White Fox Tail Plug

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Take your kinky fantasies and pleasures to greater heights with this long red and white foxy tail that comes with a smooth butt plug. The foxtail butt plug is designed to give you maximum pleasure and wild erotic role play. With this cute furry fox tail, you’ll only be limited by your imagination.

Its foxy flaming red color will, for sure, add a thrill to your sexual role play in ways you’ve never experienced before. Grab one and start living out your wildest sexual fantasies today.

The super fluffy long fox tail plug comes in a flaming red color with a bright white tail end. Its plug is made of 100% safe stainless steel that’s not only shaped to slide in smoothly and stick without falling out but is also super easy to clean too. It is available in small, medium, and large sizes to fit every type of user. The tail’s butt plug is made to be used by both beginner and advanced users of anal toys.

The fiery red tail has luxuriously soft faux fur that feels nice on your skin. It feels good and satisfying to touch while it does its magic to your body. It comes with an almost realistic length of 75 – 80cm and weighs 102.2g, which is not too heavy to burden you as you enjoy mind-blowing sex.
You’ll hardly feel its weight as it sends you into powerful orgasms over and over again.

If you are looking for an elegant-looking but powerful erotic addition to your roleplaying toolbox, then get this fiery red and white fox tail butt plug today.

Tail type: Normal long foxtail
Color: Red with a white tail end
Plug Material: Stainless steel
Length: 75 – 80cm / 32"
Plug: S: 2.95 in., M: 3.35 in., L: 3.74 in.
Width: Plug: S: 1.10 in., M: 1.38 in., L: 1.61 in.
Weight: 102.2g
Ships: Single Plug

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