9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug
9" Glass Anal Beads Plug

9" Glass Anal Beads Plug

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Finding the right sex toy that will match your personality and your personal preference is a little bit tricky. It should be able to satisfy your needs and be versatile for a good sexplay. How about trying out sex toys made of glass like the 9" Glass Anal Beads Plug?

This amazing toy is designed to lovingly caress the most erotic parts of the anal canal. Being entirely made of glass, it has superb seamless smoothness that facilitates easy insertion inside the ass.

This toy has a length of 22 cm and 3.7 cm at its widest girth, great dimensions for those who are looking to level up their anal play. The unique pattern of this glass anal beads plug will give the sensitive areas of the anal canal a great massage that can help in achieving that elusive anal climax. The inherent durability of the glass will deliver that full feeling so good you'll always crave for it.

This toy can be used to stretch the ass for great anal sex as the asshole can be expanded by thrusting the toy inside the anus or by simply leaving it there for some time. As this is made of glass, this device is the perfect toy for temperature play in your bedroom scene. Just incorporate a little heat or cold into the device and you are in for a little adventure.

With the addition of a little chill or heat, this device will surely heighten your whole foreplay. It will send a new, tingling surprise in every touch and stroke it makes. The glass is also very easy to clean, just use soap and water to disinfect the device, dry it and store in a cool place.

So what are you waiting for, grab this toy now and enjoy the benefits of good anal stimulation now!

Color Transparent
Type Anal Beads

Plug: Glass

Length 22 cm (8.66 in.)
Width 3.7 cm (1.46 in.)
Ships Single plug

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