Black Fox Metal Tail Plug, 29"
Black Fox Metal Tail Plug, 29"
Black Fox Metal Tail Plug, 29"
Black Fox Metal Tail Plug, 29"

Black Fox Metal Tail Plug, 29"

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Waiting for your Master to come home at night can be dull. Make it worth your while, and wear this fluffy fox tail to seduce him!

You'll get what you need from your Dom if you impress him. This tail plug is thick yet soft, your Dom won't resist stroking it. The stainless steel plug will massage the sensitive areas of your ass. Also, it keeps your rear open to your lover's advances.

Keep the fire burning and explore with this magnificent fox plug.


  • Color: PLUG: Silver; TAIL: Black
  • Material: PLUG: Stainless Steel; TAIL: Beautiful Faux Fur
  • Length: TAIL: 27.56 -29.53"; PLUG: 2.76" (SMALL), 3.35" (MEDIUM), 3.74" (LARGE)
  • Width: PLUG: 1.10" (SMALL), 1.38" (MEDIUM), 1.61" (LARGE)
  • Great for Anal and Fox Play Enthusiasts

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