Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"
Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"

Brown Fox Metal Tail Plug, 16"

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The word butt plug may be quite new to some but these toys have been around longer than you think. Anal stimulation has been placed on a pedestal by several experts due to its unmistakable intensity. To those who are curious about the true power anal climax has, wear this tail plug!

This toy can open up that hole and make it easier for anyone to enjoy the benefits of intense anal intercourse. With the perfect plug width of 3 cm and a length of 7.1 cm, any first-timer will be surprised at how easily this love toy can penetrate even the tightest little bum! It is also made of stainless steel, making it the best and safest material to place inside the tush. Just lube it generously and this baby is ready for anything!

The foxy tail is actually made from faux fur and will be a cute, animalistic touch to those who are dreaming of that carnal role-playing. Just imagine that fur hanging in your partner's behind, it will make anyone go wild! This tail also functions as a stopper so that the device will be in place and not go further than intended when things are getting rough during the sexual act.

This plug is perfect for anyone, man or woman, as it will put pressure on the right spots that will trigger the G-spot and P-spot respectively. Use it in vaginal sex to experience that added pressure on the vaginal walls for a powerful climax! It is also one of the best toys for oral play as it gives that hands-free experience for both partners so you can concentrate on pleasuring while the plug is doing its job. The result is massive satisfaction guaranteed. Don’t be shy and stop wondering, get this adorable tail plug now! You can thank us later.



Handle: Dark Grey, Brown, Red, White, Black, Rose Red, Dark Grey with White

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel




Handle: 40 cm (15.75")

Plug: 7.1 cm (2.80")


Plug: 3 cm (1.18")


Single plug

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