15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug
15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug
15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug
15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug
15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug
15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug

15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug

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Butt plugs have been around for many years. They've been some of the most versatile sex toys that are available in the market. If you have yet to enjoy one, then the 15" Brown Cat Tail Silicone Plug is a great practice toy to start your anal adventures.

This toy features a silicone plug that is known to be very flexible and can easily mold itself inside your tush. That is why this is the perfect material for beginners as it will easily slide inside with a little help from a water-soluble lube. Although small, this tail plug will definitely deliver that erotic sense of fullness that butt plugs are well known for.

The tail is made up of artificial wool yet of high-quality to off that animalistic kink, making this tail plug out of the ordinary. Can you imagine a cute feline tail swaying from your or your partner’s behind? It will be a whole new experience! This tail also doubles as a stopper so that the plug will stay safely where it is supposed to be even when sex becomes rougher and more intense.

This special tail plug will elevate your experience in sex as it will massage the most sensitive parts of the anal canal for you to achieve that elusive anal climax. Use it during your solo play and fill in that erogenous spot you never thought you have. How about wearing one in your tushie during vaginal intercourse? We know you'll enjoy it.

Well, ladies, as this plug is safely tucked in your bum, each thrust he makes becomes doubly potent and erotic. Why? Because the plug is actually massaging your G-spot from the other side! Of course, you will also feel a little tighter, making your man cum harder! Ask him to wear one, too, so he can relish the sensations as well. Oral sex also benefits from the use of this tail plug as it fills your bum with stimulations, allowing your hands to stroke other sensitive areas. The result is a mind-blowing finish like no other!

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Handle: Brown

Plug: Black

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Artificial Wool

Plug: Silicone



handle: 38cm (14.96in)

plug: 7cm (2.76in)


handle: N/A

plug: 3cm (1.18in)

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