Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug
Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug

Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug

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When you want to add some excitement to your sex life, the Brown Cat Tail TPE Plug will definitely give you that extra boost you need. The main plug is made of silicone which will go inside your ass smoothly while the tail is made of faux fur that will provide that extra kink in your erotic role play.

The anus is known to have the highest concentration of nerve endings in the anal canal, and this plug will surely trigger that erogenous spot you never thought existed! Furthermore, the plugs are known to target the elusive G-spot for women and P- spot for men, so it's the right kinky toy for anyone and everyone out there looking to spice things up in the bedroom. The plug itself is 7cm in length and 2.8cm in width, a plug size perfect for beginners because it is small enough to ease insertion inside the ass but will give that sensual fullness and multiple sensations they have never felt before!

The tail is around 36-40 cm, a perfect length to add a lustful detail to your fun and sexy role-play. The tail also features a base that will stop the plug from going deeper inside the anus, so you are sure of your or your partner’s safety while enjoying the joys of hands-free foreplay and sex. This tail plug can be used to open up the ever tight orifice if you are still exploring the world of anal intercourse. Lube it generously to make an easy entrance! This can be used as an added sensation during masturbation, vaginal sex and foreplay...the possibilities are endless!

Come on now, surprise your partner and add these amazing tail plug to your growing collection of sex toys and just watch as you discover the amazing joys of butt plugs. It will leave you wanting for more! Buy now!



Plug: Black

Handle: Brown

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Silicone


Length handle: 36cm-40cm (14.17-15.75 in)

Plug: 7cm (2.75 in.)

Width handle: n/a

Plug: 2.8cm (1.10 in)

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