Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"
Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"
Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"
Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"
Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"
Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"

Multi Color Fox Metal Tail Plug, 17"

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Want to surprise and delight your furry Dom? Why don’t you put one of this fluffy tail and be your master's obedient or naughty pet?

With six colors to choose from, you can be the wolf that you always wish you were. Be a classy, elegant wolf with a dark-colored tail or an enchanting one with a white fluffy tail. Perhaps you would like to put on one of those bold and daring red-hued tails for a sultry look that never fails to fascinate.

The teardrop-shaped plug is made of quality stainless steel, making it completely safe for body use. It has a narrow neck that your sphincter can hug and a flared base to keep it from being completely sucked in. Feel free to wear one for prolonged periods if you love the tingly sensations in your bum.

To be more ravishing, sway your tail with confidence by shaking your booty. Once in a while, brush your Dom’s sensitive parts with that lush tail. Lick him as that’s what a wolf loves to do. With a tail draping over your thighs, flirting can be done in infinite ways.

Keep it plugged in when it’s booty time to savor heightened sensations. The “in and out motion” has received much accolade making pressure, which enables many to reach orgasm, indescribably pleasurable. For breathtaking vaginal intercourse, have that crevice blocked to create pressure and you’ll be amazed by the rich and powerful orgasm you and your mating partner will achieve.

For an enjoyable anal play without any hassle, wash and dry off the metal plug before and after use.

Lube up for pleasurable insertion and extraction. Always remember, go slow and keep it slippery. To keep the tail clean and well-maintained, wash it gently in soapy water. Once dry, brush it to keep it fluffy.

Fulfill your fantasy with this 17-inch tail and get ready for a non-stop pouncing!



Tail: Gray, White, Brown

Plug: Silver

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Faux fur

Plug: Stainless steel


Handle: approx. 17in.

Plug: 2.76in.


Handle: N/A

Plug: 1.1in.

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