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29" Tail Multi Color Fox Stainless steel plug

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  • Many lengths to choose from
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Get your fox on with this spectacular fox tail butt plug, which comes in three different sizes – small, medium, and large, so it caters to the needs of all users, and features a shiny stainless steel plug  for increased resistance to wear and tear, and easier cleanup. The tails themselves come in three different vibrant colors, with a spectacular 75 cm in length for an extra foxy feel.


Color/Type White, Black, and Red fox tail
Butt plug material Stainless steel
Butt plug dimensions

(S) - D 2.5cm * 6cm (0.98in * 2.36in)

(M) - D 3.5cm * 7cm (1.38in * 2.76in)

(L) - D 4cm * 8cm (1.57in * 3.15in)

Tail length 70cm - 75cm (27.56in - 29.53in)