18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug

18" Red with Black Tip Fox Tail Plug

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Fulfill your kinky desires with this uniquely designed flaming red and black fox tail butt plug. It is guaranteed to take your role play to the next level.

The beautiful short tail features a fluffy supple fox tail made of high-quality materials that look like a real fox tail except for the red and black color. It also features a smooth, high-quality stainless steel plug that inserts easily with or without the application of a lubricant. It is the perfect turn on for an evening of endless pleasure.

The plug is made of safe premium stainless steel material that is also extremely durable. It is easy to clean besides gives you pain-free anal stimulation. The plug is also shaped in a style that slides in easily and holds in place as you enjoy your mind-boggling orgasms. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes to fit everyone.

The tail’s faux fur is made of premium materials too. It’s soft, fluffy, and feels nice to the skin. It comes in varying lengths from 38 to 45cm. It is also lightweight at just 86.2g. Its small flexible tail won’t get in the way of your passionate fun. It’s also a great option for a beginner in fox tail butt plugs as it is neither too long nor heavy.

If you are planning to spice your sex life or introduce a more exciting element to your roleplay, this is the perfect toy for you. Surprise her with this beautiful red and black fox tail as a gift, and she’ll thank you for it in ways you never knew existed.

Tail Type: Tail Plugs
Color: Red with a black tail end
Plug material: Metal
Length: Tail: 38 - 45cm / 18"
Plug: S: 2.95 in., M: 3.35 in., L: 3.74 in.
Width: Plug: S: 1.10 in., M: 1.38 in., L: 1.61 in.
Weight: 86.2g

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