18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug

18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug

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Explore the heights of your kinky imaginations with this bold red and white fox butt plug. This 18" Red with White Fox Tail Plug guarantees maximum pleasure for as far as your imagination can take you in your passionate role-play adventures. Simply slide it in and sport a red furry tail with a neat white tail end. The primal foxy look will for sure add a thrill to your sexual role play in ways you’ve never experienced before. It gives you the best opportunity to live out your wildest fantasy and enjoy the pleasures of life.

This gorgeous, super fluffy fox tail plug comes in a flaming red color with a radiant white tail end. Its plug is made of 100% safe stainless steel that’s not only shaped to slide in smoothly and stay in place once inserted but is also super easy to clean. It comes in small, medium, and large sizes to fit every type of user, ensuring all anal explorers find an appropriate size for their needs and exciting role play experiences.

The fiery red tail has luxurious, soft fur that feels nice to the touch. Sway your hips or shake your booty and feel its titillating brush against your flawless thighs. Weighing 86.2g, this tail plug won't be a drag to whatever you wish to do. You’ll hardly feel its weight as it sends you into powerful orgasms over and over again.

The tail is around 18 inches in length, not too long nor too short for your kinky needs. Grab this unique red and white fox tail with a safe stainless steel plug and start enjoying mind-blowing sexual adventures today. Double the fun and pleasure by getting two of this flirtatious tail, one for you and one for your partner!

Tail Type: Tail Plugs
Color: Red with a white tail end
Plug material: Metal
Length: Tail: 38 - 45cm / 18"
Plug: S: 2.95 in., M: 3.35 in., L: 3.74 in.
Width: Plug: S: 1.10 in., M: 1.38 in., L: 1.61 in.
Weight: 86.2g
Ships: Single Plug

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