14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug
14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug
14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug
14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug
14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug
14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug

14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug

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Unleash the sexy kitten inside you with our 14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug!

This device features a pink plug with a cat tail. With its tapered bulb, you will have an easier time inserting it into your anus. The cat tail is a snow-white fur that will sure mesmerize your partner once you have it hanging and swaying from your behind. Get ready to be amazed as you are about to transform into a naughty pussy cat!

To make your transformation even better, this toy is made of selected high-quality materials. With a medical-grade silicone build, the plug can give a safe experience free from harmful chemicals like phthalate, latex, dioxin, and BPA. The tail, on the other hand, is made of the best synthetic faux fur to give you a realistic feeling. With its softness and fluffiness, you will also feel comfortable while wearing it.

Savor all-new heightened sensations with this tail plug! To get you started, apply a generous amount of lubricant to your plug and in your anus. This will help you ease the plug in smoothly. You can also insert one or two fingers to stretch your hole. Once you're ready, carefully, and gently insert the plug and become a hot feline!

While you wear this tail plug, you can have a more exciting time in the bedroom with your partner. You can incorporate this into your sex play and also use it to prepare and warm up your bum for amazing anal intercourse. Once you're done, wash it with water and germicidal soap. After which, dry it thoroughly then store it in a safe place until your next steamy session!

Don't delay your kitty play with your very own 14" Tail White Cat Silicone Plug! Buy now!


Tail: White

Plug: Pink

Type Tail Plug

Plug: Silicone


Length: 3.78 in. (plug), 14 in (tail)

Width: 1.10 in

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