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What Does a Butt Plug Feel Like For Men and Women?

It’s very easy to insert a butt plug, but why bother? When new to anal play, this will be the question that most people will want an answer to.

For the majority of us, our curiosity isn’t simply based on the urge to put something in our butts.

We want to know how it feels.

Unfortunately there are many, many negative ideas surrounding anal play, so a lot of prospective adopters are turned off before they even begin!

There’s really no need for this though! The majority of the things you’ll feel using butt plugs are very positive, and can lead to some of the most enjoyable sexual experiences you’ll have.

So let’s break it down, step by step, and talk about exactly what men and women might feel while using these fantastic sex toys!

What It Feels Like to Wear a Plug

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you’ve still got a butt. You still have all the same nerve endings in your sphincters and anus. And the majority of butt plugs aren’t designed specifically for a man or a woman.

This means that you’ll still have mostly the same experience when inserting and wearing your plug!

Insertion And Removal

The act of putting in, and taking out, a butt plug is largely the same, but in opposite directions. Unlike anal beads though, this isn’t really the main event. It’s just something you’ve got to do before you start to properly enjoy your plug.

Most of the time, there will only really be two things that you feel at this point. Coldness and stretching.

Coldness is a side effect of using lubrication, which you should always do when putting anything in your butt. Unfortunately though, most lubes will feel quite cold when it makes contact with your skin. For many people this isn’t a large concern, but if it is something that bothers you then you can slightly warm up your lube before using it.

Some plugs can also feel quite cold when they touch your skin. In particular, metal and glass plugs.

Although some people enjoy the sensation, others find it a little shocking and it might cause them to tense up a bit. This makes putting in the plug harder, so if you’re not a fan of cold you might also want to warm up your plug a little.

Stretching is a much more universal feeling though. As the plug enters or exits your body, it will pass through both the inner and outer sphincters.

These powerful muscles spend most of their time staying tightly shut, to prevent poop from leaking out of your butt all the time. While inserting or removing your butt plugs, you’ll feel these muscles being stretched open.

It might sound a little unpleasant, but as long as you take your time and use plenty of lube, you might actually find you enjoy it!

Wearing the Plug

Once you’ve got your plug inside your butt, there’s one overwhelming thing that most people say they feel.


As the plug takes up space within your anal canal, it will press on other parts of your body. This makes you feel like you’ve quite literally been filled up inside!

For many people, this is the only reason they need to enjoy using butt plugs.

Butt Plugs For Men: What to Expect

Despite the historical and social stigmas surrounding men and anal play, it really is something any man can enjoy! In fact, men have a bit of an advantage over women when it comes to butt stuff.

This is all thanks to a little thing called the prostate gland…

A man’s prostate is found between his penis and bladder, and plays some vital roles in the health of the body. One of it’s most overlooked functions though, is that of a sexual organ.

When stimulated, the prostate can produce some of the most intense and enjoyable feelings a man can have. And the best way to do it is through anal stimulation!

A butt plug is the ideal tool for this, as wearing it will continuously provide stimulation and pressure to the prostate gland. As you move around, or change position, the plug will move and rub the prostate. There are even some plugs specifically designed with prostate stimulation in mind!

Is Using Butt Plugs Gay?

While men can enjoy butt plugs immensely, and in some cases even more than women, there’s always one thing that might be sitting in the back of your mind. Is this gay?

We are lucky to live in a time where sexual freedom is becoming much more common, and many people are accepted for who they are. But the notion of butt stuff being gay is something that many men just can’t shake.

There’s a few different reasons for this:

    • Penetration: For many people, penetration is something that only women and gay men should experience. This notion simply exists because usually the penis is the thing doing the penetration.
    • Social Pressure: Depending where you live, or who you know, you might feel like people will look down on you for enjoying anal pleasure.
    • Gender Roles: Again, depending on your social surroundings, anal play might simply be something that men “shouldn’t do”. Letting a woman take control of things in the bedroom might also be something that “shouldn’t happen”.
    • Vulnerability: Many men associate being penetrated with a state of vulnerability or loss of control. Stereotypical views will associate this with a man not being very masculine.

The great thing is, all of these things are just in our heads!

Being a gay man means you find other men attractive, and being a straight man means you find women attractive. Enjoying the use of butt plugs means you enjoy the use of butt plugs. And there is no link whatsoever between the two.

So using butt plugs is 100% fine as a straight man!

Butt Plugs For Women: What to Expect

While women may not have a prostate gland, they do have a vagina, and believe it or not, butt plugs do stimulate the vagina. The way the do it though is slightly different.

Rather than being inside the vagina and stimulating it directly, a butt plug will press against the rear wall of the vagina from the outside.

It might not sound like the sexiest thing on the planet, but it does have it’s benefits.

As the plug presses against the vagina it, quite naturally, takes up space inside your body. This means there is a lot less space for your vagina. So when you put something else like a penis or dildo inside, the vagina will feel much, much tighter.

It’s this tightness that can also help women experience some mind-blowing orgasms while wearing a plug!

The other great benefit of this is that you can experiment with double penetration without actually needing a third person in the bedroom. This is great for couples who like the idea of this, but don’t want to bring another person into their sex lives.

Butt Plugs for Everyone!

Although there are some unique parts of the experience for both men and women, most of what you’ll feel while wearing a plug will be exactly the same. Fullness, and stimulation.

There are a few other reasons both men and women might enjoy butt plugs though:

  • Enjoying the Taboo: Men and women alike can both be extremely dirty, and enjoy doing things that are considered “wrong” or “risky”. Sexual stimulation under these circumstances can make the pleasure that much better!
  • Avoiding Periods: A lot of couples will simply abstain from any kind of sexual activity while a woman is on her period. Your butt isn’t affected by this at all though, so you can still wear butt plugs just as much as ever!
  • Better Sex: A somewhat overlooked benefit for both sexes is the improvement butt plugs can provide in your sex life. Once a man has worn one he can understand what it feels like to be penetrated, and use that knowledge every time you have sex!
  • Intimacy: Unlike many other types of sexual activity, the use of butt plugs is something that can be shared by both sexes. Being willing to explore this kind of stimulation together can lead to feeling much closer to your partner.
  • Anal Orgasms: Both men and women are able to reach orgasm with only anal stimulation. These orgasms can be very different to traditional ones, and some people find they enjoy them much more.
  • Whatever your reasons, one thing that cannot be denied is that butt plugs truly are for everyone!

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