Anal Beads

Tried a butt plug? Not quite your thing? How about some anal beads!

Anal beads offer a completely type of anal experience, thanks to their unique shape. They feature a series of balls which start small, and get larger the farther you insert them. This makes the beads anal stimulation feel very different to a plug that simply sits inside your butt.

The real joy comes from the process of inserting and removing anal beads. As each individual bead enters your sphincter, you’ll feel the familiar stretch that other any other anal sex toy provides. But rather than simply stretching and holding the sphincter open, when you use anal beads it gets mulitple opportunities to close again. This creates a unique popping sensation that many users simply adore.

You have plenty of anal beads to choose from, with materials such as silicone, stainless steel, and glass all providing dfiferent sensations. Or turn up the heat with a set of vibrating anal beads! You’ll never experience something quite as unique as a popping and vibrating sphincter!

Whichever set you go for, make sure it has a handle or flared base to prevent them getting sucked inside your body. If you can’t pull your anal beads back out you’re missing half the fun!

Anal Beads - Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Maximise anal pleasure with beads, balls, and other shapes!

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