Butt Plugs

Let's get straight to the point here...you are a kinky person; otherwise, you wouldn't even be here. Now that's nothing to feel guilty about since the world of playful and adventurous sex is getting broader and more inclusive by the day. We all agree that as long as there's consent between both people or more then there's nothing to be ashamed about. If you're secretly hiding that inner masochist within you, we want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, some acts of kinky foreplay and sexual deeds can be achieved without a partner. That's what sex toys are for, and that's also what butt plugs are for.

Where do we even begin to tell you why butt plugs are so incredible? First of all, it's versatile. We say that because everyone's got a butthole so anyone of any gender can use butt plugs to satisfy their sexual desires. Second, it's a good substitute if it's only you who's into anal gratification. Anal sex is a hit-or-miss thing. Some people hate it, some people love it, but you glorify it. With the help of a butt plug, pleasing yourself will literally only be a plug away. What are your options, then?

In this collection, you'll find a multitude of butt plugs to suit your every need. We make sure that our plugs are made from only the safest quality of stainless steel, medical grade silicone, and glass to ensure your health and safety when you use them. Each one comes in its own shape, size, and color so you can pick one that suits your preference and level of kinkiness. If you don't know, the shape matters. Choose from teardrop, tapered or ribbed and fulfill your own fantasies. Pick a single favorite that you'll constantly use or purchase the provided sets which include two or more plugs to swap as you increase your size of choice.

We care about aesthetics in here, too. If choosing your favorite color still doesn't make you happy, then perhaps you can take it up a notch by grabbing one of our jeweled butt plugs for a discreet experience. Going wild in the bedroom? Channel your inner spirit animal and literally look like one by getting a butt plug with an animal's tail. Be humiliated, dominated, and treated like a literal animal with these tails.

You think butt plugs are the only ones we have in this collection? Well, we have a few surprises up our sleeves. Experiment your wild and kinky side by trying out some of our anal hooks--yes, we said anal hooks. Perfect for our BDSM people out there! Not into hooks yet? Try anal beads! Insert them one by one and feel the beads wiggle and clink inside you. Easily pull them out when you're done with an included stringed ring. Want some extra fun for your man? Let him have the time of his life with a prostate massager. The possibilities are endless! The only hard time we'll be giving you is by choosing what to get. Here's a better idea for you: why don't you collect them all?

Whether you’re an experienced kinkster, or a complete anal amatuer, you’re sure to find the perfect butt plug in our massive collection. And don’t worry! It’s not going to hurt and certainly isn’t going to put you off sex. Just put it in slowly and carefully and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

We even have a huge selection of sizes and materials so you can find something that’s the perfect size for your body. Silicone, metal, rubber, even glass! We’ve got it all! For those of you who want to spice things up even further you might like to try anal beads, or maybe even an anal hook!

Butt plugs simply bring you even more pleasure than you could imagine, and that’s what we all want!

What is a butt plug?

A butt plug is a (sometimes) small sex toy designed to be inserted into the anus for sexual pleasure.

What types of butt plug are there?

There are a large range of butt plugs available, including:

  • Standard butt plugs
  • Vibrating butt plugs
  • Hollow butt plugs
  • Inflatable butt plugs
  • Jeweled butt plugs
  • Tail butt plugs
  • Prostate massagers
  • Anal beads
  • Expanding butt plugs

With so much choice you should always be able to find a butt plug to suit your needs.

What are standard butt plugs?

A standard butt plug is the most basic model out there, and the one most people will think of when you mention butt plugs to them. These don’t do anything special, you just insert them and enjoy them.

What are vibrating butt plugs?

Vibrating butt plugs are very similar to the standard variants, but they include a motor inside which lets them give extra stimulation through vibrations.

What are hollow butt plugs?

Hollow butt plugs are a little different, as their insides are completely hollowed out. This means you can use them while enjoying anal gaping, or combine them with other sex toys for even kinkier stimulation.

What are inflatable butt plugs?

An inflatable butt plug is one that starts off at a smaller size, then has a pump which lets you inflate the plug to a larger size. These are ideal for people who enjoy large butt plugs, but struggle to insert them.

Will an inflatable butt plug pop?

Inflatable butt plugs could pop if you overinflate them. Always make sure you know how much yours can be inflated.

How far can you inflate an inflatable butt plug?

The best way to test the inflatability of your inflatable butt plug is to blow it up as soon as you get it. Keep pumping it up until you feel that it isn’t going to last much longer and might pop, and count how many pumps it takes to reach that point. You’ll then know the maximum amount of pumps you can safely use when wearing your inflatable butt plug.

What is a prostate massager?

A prostate massager is a special variant of butt plug aimed specifically at men. These feature a curved body which specifically targets the prostate gland, and often come with other parts which further stimulate a man’s body.

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are another variant of butt plugs and are sometimes considered their own type of sex toy. Rather than a single bulbous body, anal beads feature a set of beads that open and close the anus as you insert them.

What is the difference between anal beads and butt plugs?

The main difference between anal beads and butt plugs is the shape of them. Butt plugs will have one large bulb, whereas anal beads have several beads along them, usually getting larger the deeper they go.

What are expanding butt plugs?

Expanding butt plugs are the estranged child of the butt plug family, and they look completely different to all other types. Rather than a solid, bulbous body, they feature set of “petals”. When inserting the plug you push these together, but once inside they can spread apart and stretch your anus in a completely new way. These are great if you are training for some of the larger butt plugs on offer.

What are jewelled butt plugs?

A jewelled butt plug is exactly what it sounds like! They are similar to other styles of butt plug in shape and size, but rather than a plain, boring base they have jewels inset which are visible while you wear the butt plug. These are often also called Princess butt plugs, due to the regal look they have, and are commonly a component in various roleplay scenarios including DDLG.

What are tail butt plugs?

Tail butt plugs are very similar to standard butt plugs. The key difference is that they all come with an animal tail attached. These come in a range of lengths and styles, and are perfect for people who enjoy bringing a little roleplay (and in particular, petplay) into the bedroom.

What are butt plugs made of?

Although there are a variety of materials available when choosing a butt plug, few manufacturers stray from the “usual materials”. These are:

  • Silicone butt plugs
  • Metal or stainless steel butt plugs
  • Glass butt plugs
  • TPE butt plugs/TPR butt plugs
  • Rubber butt plugs
  • Jelly butt plugs

What are silicone butt plugs?

Silicone butt plugs tend to be the most common kind you’ll find in any store. There’s good reason for this! Silicone is completely body safe, one of the easiest to clean, and comfortable to boot!

What are the benefits of silicone butt plugs?

Silicone butt plugs are generally viewed as the safest variant of butt plugs available. They are non-porous, able to be completely sterilised, softer on your body, and can be a lot cheaper than some of the other good butt plug materials.

Some people also find them hard to insert, due to them not being as smooth as other materials. You also need to ensure your butt plug is 100% silicone, as any mixture of materials removes many of the benefits of silicone.

What are the drawbacks of silicone butt plugs?

While silicone butt plugs have many benefits, there is one large failing in them. They are unable to be used with silicone-based lubricant, as the two react and break down the surface of the toy.

What are metal butt plugs?

Metal butt plugs are also a fairly common occurrence among many stores. There are many different reasons someone might prefer a metal butt plug, and some of their unique qualities make them a favourite among many people.

What are the benefits of metal butt plugs?

Metal butt plugs are non-porous, making them easy to clean. They are also very easy to sterilise due to the high melting point of most metals, and incredibly sturdy, so you can be a bit rougher when using them. Metal also tends to be a bit heavier than some other materials, which a lot of people enjoy, and they are very smooth so you can insert them quite easily.

What are the drawbacks of metal butt plugs?

Metal butt plugs don’t have many drawbacks, which is why they are such a favourite among so many people. For some people the extra weight metal brings can put them off these butt plugs, and they absorb temperature quite well so sometimes might feel a bit too cold when you first put them in.

What are glass butt plugs?

Glass butt plugs are a bit of an outlier, because many people don’t feel as comfortable using them. Despite this, they are one of the safest and most hygienic types of butt plug available.

What are the benefits of glass butt plugs?

Glass butt plugs carry many of the same benefits as metal butt plugs. They are non-porous, making them easy to clean, able to be boiled so they can be easily sterilised, and have a very smooth surface so they are easy to insert and comfortable to wear.

What are the drawbacks of glass butt plugs?

One of the most obvious drawback people may worry about is that a butt plug can shatter. While this may happen if you mistreat and often drop your butt plug, there is almost no chance that it will actually shatter inside your body. Some people may also be put off due to the fact that glass is usually see through, and they don’t want to see the inside of their butts.

Will a glass butt plug break in my butt?

Glass butt plugs are tempered to be extremely strong. Most will be able to withstand the same punishment as a glass cooking dish, and be made shatter resistant. There are no known cases where someone has been using a glass butt plug and it has shattered within their body.

What are TPE/TPR butt plugs?

Thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic rubber are both similar materials made of a mixture of different ingredients. While they aren’t particularly unsafe, they do have some unique drawbacks that make some people avoid them.

What are the benefits of TPE/TPR butt plugs?

TPE and TPR are some of the softest and stretchiest materials sex toys can be made from. This makes them easy to mould into very realistic shapes, and super comfortable to wear. They are also fairly easy to keep clean, and one of the cheaper options available without sacrificing too much quality.

What are the drawbacks of TPE/TPR butt plugs?

While TPE/TPR butt plugs are generally quite easy to keep clean, they are porous, so you need to be extra vigilant when keeping them clean. They are also of a slightly lower quality than silicone butt plugs, so they usually need to be replaced more often.

What are rubber butt plugs?

Rubber is one of the materials more traditionally used in butt plugs, due to its low cost and the ease of making it into different shapes. Despite this, rubber butt plugs have been on the decline, with many customers preferring silicone or TPE/TPR variants instead.

What are the benefits of rubber butt plugs?

The main reason anyone would choose a rubber butt plug over any of the other materials is usually price. These butt plugs tend to be one of the cheapest available, and they aren’t as terrible as some of the other options.

What are the drawbacks of rubber butt plugs?

Rubber butt plugs are very porous, so they are difficult to keep properly clean. They also wear out rather quickly, and aren’t the most comfortable material to wear.

What are jelly butt plugs?

Jelly butt plugs are essentially the cheap knock offs of the butt plug world. Not only are they low quality, but most jelly plugs contain phthalates which can be very toxic for your body. We advise avoiding jelly butt plugs where possible, and if you must use them cover them with a condom.

What are phthalates?

Phthalates are a chemical used in many rubbers to soften them up. They are widely used in many different products, and can be found in some sex toys.

Are phthalates bad?

Phthalates are considered a carcinogen, and in tests there have been links to cancer found. You should try to avoid phthalates in your sex toys as much as possible as you will be inserting them inside your body.

What is a non-porous material?

Non-porous materials are those whose pores are small enough that bacteria is unable to pass through and into the material. This means that when you clean the surface of the butt plug, all the bacteria is removed. The most common non-porous materials used in butt plugs are stainless steel, silicone, and glass.

What is a porous material?

Porous materials are made up of larger pores which are big enough that bacteria can get inside the surface of the material. This means that even the most thorough cleaning, you won’t be able to get the butt plug truly clean, as some bacteria live within the pores themselves. Common porous materials include TPE, TPR, rubber and jelly.

Should I get a porous or non-porous butt plug?

You should always try to buy a porous butt plug wherever you can. They will last longer than non-porous butt plugs, and can be properly cleaned so you never have to worry about getting infections from your butt plug.

Which type of butt plug is best?

You’d love me to tell you that this exact butt plug is the best and you should buy it right now, but unfortunately it’s just not the case. We are all different and what one person considers the best, another person might not even like. You’ve simply got to dive in and try them out for yourself!

What are the parts of a butt plug?

All good butt plugs are made up of three main parts. These are the bulb, which is the large part you insert into your body, the stem, which holds the other two parts together and gives your sphincters something to grip onto, and the base, which stops the butt plug from travelling deeper into your body.

What types of bases are there?

The bases found on butt plugs aren’t all the same. There are a few different types, but three main ones: flared bases, t-bar bases, and pull ring bases.

What is a flared base?

A flared base is the most common kind of base you’ll find on your butt plugs. These are usually round or square, and “flare out” from the bottom of the plug to create a flat surface that can’t enter your body.

What is a T-bar base?

A t-bar base is another commonly found butt plug base. T-bars, as the name would suggest, have two arms that come out from the butt plug in the shape of the letter T. These arms nestle nicely between your buttcheeks while you wear the butt plug, making it the most comfortable kind of base for most people.

What is a pull ring base?

A pull ring base is found less often, but still appears on some butt plugs and on a lot of anal beads. The pull ring is a simple ring found on the base of the plug, that is usually bigger than the stem so that it cannot be sucked inside. When it’s time to remove the butt plug, simply pull on the ring!

Which base should my butt plug have?

There’s no specific base you should buy, and the most suitable may depend on your own personal tastes, or which butt plug you choose. An important note though is that it can be difficult or uncomfortable to sit down with a flared or pull ring base. If you plan on wearing your butt plug for a long time, or sitting on it while you wear it, you might be best off with a t-bar base.

Why do people use butt plugs?

The main reason people use butt plugs is for the sexual stimulation they provide.

Why do people enjoy anal sex/anal stimulation?

There are a variety of reasons people enjoy anal stimulation including:

  • The feeling of fullness they provide
  • Enjoying doing something considered “dirty” or “taboo”
  • Enjoying feeling vulnerable while being penetrated
  • Trying out double penetration
  • Prostate stimulation
  • Simply enjoying the feeling of something inside their butts
  • And many more…

What sort of butt plug should a beginner use?

For most beginners, any butt plug will be a bit of a challenge. Due to this, we recommend that you stick to a smaller butt plug, and one that is a very basic bulb shape. These tend to be the easiest to insert and wear. It’s also worth looking for one with a longer stem, as this gives your sphincters more area to hold onto which can make things easier.

Are there any tips for beginners when using butt plugs?

For most beginners, the process of using butt plugs isn’t greatly different from someone with a bit more experience. The best advice we can give is to warm yourself up by using your fingers to gently stretch your sphincters a bit, rather than diving straight in with a butt plug.

How should a beginner start using a butt plug?

As a beginner, first using a butt plug can seem like a very stressful experience. The easiest way to get into things is to simply try it though, as any feelings of unease or fears will quickly dissipate once you start using your plug. It might also be worth spending some more time on your environments, to try and fully relax yourself. Low lighting, scented candles, massages, or long baths can all help make the experience more enjoyable. Then simply insert the plug, taking care not to force it in further than you are comfortable.

What is the best butt plug for beginners to buy?

Generally we recommend beginners start with something small and simple, only a couple of inches long and quite narrow. This lets you get used to the feeling of having something inside your anus before you move onto larger plugs. Another great option is an anal training kit, as this comes with a selection of sizes for you to experiment with.

How do you use a butt plug?

Using a butt plug is relatively simple. You simply need to apply some lube to both your anus and the butt plug, then slowly push it inside your body. Once inside you can either leave it there, or move it in and out like you would use a penis.

What does it feel like to insert a butt plug?

Inserting a butt plug can be one of the most exciting and enjoyable parts of the experience. You can experience many different emotions before you actually put the plug in, particularly if you’re a beginner. These can include anxiety and excitement. When you get to inserting the plug, the main thing you’ll be noticing is the light stretch of your sphincter opening to accept the plug. Finally, you’ll feel a slight relief when your sphincters close back up and grip onto the stem of the butt plug.

Where do you put a butt plug?

Butt plugs are designed to be inserted into the anus. You can use them in other places, but their design isn’t optimal for vaginas or other body parts.

How far into your body do butt plugs go?

Butt plugs will only reach in as far as the length of the bulb and stem. The base prevents it from going any further, so if you have worries about the length of penetration you can pick up a smaller butt plug and avoid it completely.

Will my butt plug get poop on it?

Sometimes when you remove a butt plug it will have traces of poop on it. This is completely normal and not avoidable, so you shouldn’t worry. Simply clean the butt plug off once you have finished.

Will wearing a butt plug make me poo myself?

As long as you use the bathroom an hour or two before you use a butt plug, there is usually no danger that you will suddenly poo yourself.

Does using butt plugs as a man mean I’m gay?

Using butt plugs doesn’t decide a man’s sexuality. There are many straight men who enjoy using butt plugs more than some gay men. It’s completely down to personal preferences, and you should never let this thought put you off trying a butt plug.

Do you need to clean your butt before you use a butt plug?

It isn’t mandatory to clean your butt out before inserting a butt plug, but many people like to do it to reassure themselves that there won’t be any fecal matter on their butt plug.

How do you make sure your butt is clean before using butt plugs?

For most people, simply taking a shower and giving your anus a thorough clean is more than enough preparation. Some people like to take it further though, and make sure there is almost no chance of encountering poop during their sexy fun times. They do this with anal douches or enemas.

Should you use the bathroom before you use butt plugs?

We recommend that you use the bathroom around an hour before you plan on using your butt plug to reduce the chance of encountering fecal matter during anal play.

How to prepare before using a butt plug?

The two main parts of preparation will be the same for most butt plugs. These are cleaning your anus (usually done during a shower an hour or two before you start), and lubricating everything thoroughly. It’s also usually a good idea to make sure that everything you’ll need will be close to hand (extra lube, towels or tissue, porn, candles lit, etc) so that you don’t have to stop while playing, ruining the mood.

Should you poo before you put a butt plug in?

We usually advise you have a bowel movement around one to two hours before using a butt plug. This clears out the rectum so there is less chance that poo will get onto your butt plugs, and also leaves you additional time to perform a douche or enema, should you choose to.

How long before you put in a butt plug should you use the bathroom?

We usually recommend using the bathroom an hour or two before you start using butt plugs.

Who can use butt plugs?

Anyone with a butt can use butt plugs!

Can men use butt plugs?

Yes. Despite some slightly outdated beliefs, men can enjoy anal stimulation just as much as women can. They even have the unique prostate gland in their body, which can only be properly stimulated via the anus.

Why do men enjoy butt plugs?

The main reason men will enjoy using butt plugs is the stimulation they provide to the prostate gland. This is a unique experience, and can massively amplify any sexual stimulation you receive.

Is it gay for men to use butt plugs?

Some people believe that if a man recieves penetration, then he must be gay. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The only thing that decides if a man is gay or not is whether he finds other men attractive. A straight man can get just as much pleasure from a butt plug as a gay man, and it doesn’t change his sexual orientation.

How can men use butt plugs?

Men can use butt plugs in all the normal ways, and will usually experience stronger, firmer erections by doing so. They can also make use of butt plugs (particularly prostate massagers and vibrating butt plugs) to stimulate their prostate gland.

What is the prostate?

The prostate gland is a small gland around the size of a walnut, which is only found in the male body. When stimulated, it can produce feelings unlike anything else found in the male body, and with practise, can even trigger a prostate orgasm.

How do you stimulate the prostate with a butt plug?

Many butt plugs will be able to stimulate the prostate simply by being worn. To make things even better though, you can get a curved butt plug or a prostate massager, which is designed to specifically target the prostate and as you wear it and move around it will rub against the gland. Vibrations take this even further, providing you constant prostatic stimulation.

Can a man orgasm from a butt plug?

Men can orgasm from wearing a butt plug, although a lot of them will need to masturbate at the same time to make it all the way there.

Best sex position for men to use butt plugs?

Pretty much anything goes when it comes to butt plugs, as all you have to do is insert it and keep it in place! People enjoy a variety of positions while wearing them, so we encourage you to try a bunch of different ones out and see what works best for you!

Can women use butt plugs?

Women can of course use butt plugs just as easily as men, and also in some ways that men can’t. In particular, some women will enjoy using butt plugs for vaginal stimulation, and may even venture into the realms of double penetration.

Do women have prostate glands to stimulate with butt plugs?

The prostate gland is only present in men, so women do not have one to stimulate. Women can still enjoy many parts of playing with a butt plugs though!

Why do women enjoy butt plugs?

Women often enjoy butt plugs due to the feeling of fullness they provide. Another common reason is that they can experience double penetration, without needing to have a threesome.

How can women use butt plugs?

Women can use butt plugs in much the same way as men, by simply inserting them and keeping them in place. The main selling point for women is that a butt plug is able to be easily combined with other sex toys or even full intercourse thanks to their vagina.

My butt plug won’t go in, what should I do?

Whatever you do, don’t try and force it. There can be a number of reasons a butt plug won’t go in, but most of them are easily resolved by simply removing the plug, applying more lubricant, and trying again. If it really still wont go in, it’s usually worth trying a slightly smaller butt plug.

What do I do once I’ve inserted my butt plug?

The easiest thing to do once you’ve inserted your butt plug is to simply leave it in place and enjoy the sensations it provides. Some people like to pull it in and out, others wear it while enjoying sex or masturbation, and others still like to do completely normal things like housework and shopping while wearing their butt plugs.

What does it feel like to wear a butt plug?

The most prominent feeling most people get from wearing butt plugs is the feeling of fullness. This is a feeling that you aren’t going to get from many other things, even other sex toys. Alongside this, butt plugs stimulate many areas of your body that you wouldn’t normally stimulate and many people enjoy.

Do you need to take your butt plug out to pee?

Generally it’s going to be a lot easier for you to urinate if you remove your butt plug. This is because the pelvic floor muscles need to contract and tighten to hold your butt plug in, but need to loosen and relax to allow urine to pass. This means that peeing while wearing your butt plug will usually end with either you not being able to pee, or your butt plug falling out. If you absolutely must leave the plug in while you pee, the easiest way to do it is by simply holding onto the base of the plug, to stop it falling out.

Can you share a butt plug with your partner?

We recommend not sharing your butt plug with anyone else, as there is always a risk of cross-contamination causing infections when you share your butt plug. If you absolutely must share your butt plug, then be sure to clean it between each user, or use a condom over the plug and change it between users.

Should I use a butt plug when masturbating?

Definitely! Using a butt plug while masturbating can greatly intensify the feelings of any other kind of masturbation. Some butt plugs even have other sex toys attached to them like cock rings or vibrators.

How do you masturbate with butt plugs?

Butt plugs can become a focal point of your masturbation, or simply an extra stimulant with little attention paid to them. Simply inserting and wearing them can intensify the feelings you have during masturbation, and take things to the next level. For some people, butt plugs take more of a central role, and they enjoy inserting and removing butt plugs just like a penis. You can also tease various erogenous zones with the tip of the butt plug.

Should I use a butt plug with a partner?

Enjoying butt plugs alone is great, but letting your partner get in on the fun can take things to a whole new level. Not only can you let them control your butt plug so you can completely relax and enjoy everything, but they can also stimulate you in other ways at the same time to make things extra special.

Should I use a butt plug during foreplay?

Butt plugs are ideal for foreplay, especially if you’re planning on having anal sex. Doing something “naughty” can really get you both going before the main event, and using a butt plug lets you gently warm up the anal muscles before doing anything more intense.

How do I use a butt plug during foreplay?

It’s completely up to you how you enjoy your own foreplay, and what works for one person won’t work for another. Learn your partners body, and practise teasing them with the butt plug to get them really turned on!

Can you have sex while wearing a butt plug?

Yes! Having sex while wearing a butt plug can be completely different to normal, and many people enjoy it even more. It can add extra stimulation for both partners at the same time, and produce some fantastic orgasms.

Should I use a butt plug during sex?

Using a butt plug during sex can completely change the experience for both you and your partner. For women, experiencing double penetration by using a butt plug during sex can provide some of the most intense feelings possible. For men, either wearing the butt plug, or having sex while their partner wears it can both add much more stimulation and sensation to the penis.

How do I use a butt plug during sex?

Using a butt plug during sex is just as simple as using a butt plug any other way! Simply lubricate your anus and butt plug, and slide it right in. Once inside you can try literally any sex position that comes to mind.

Can you use butt plugs for double penetration?

Butt plugs are great for couples who want to experiment with double penetration, but don’t want to bring a third person into the bedroom. Simply use a butt plug instead!

Can you use butt plugs in the shower?

You can use almost any butt plug in the shower, but if you have a vibrating model you should ensure that it is watertight before taking it into the shower.

What is the point of vibrating butt plugs?

Vibrating butt plugs offer additional stimulation over their traditional counterparts, letting you insert the butt plug then simply sit back and relax and truly enjoy every aspect of the experience.

How do you use vibrating butt plugs?

Using a vibrating butt plug is exactly the same process as a traditional butt plug. Lubricate your anus and butt plug well, gently push it into your butt, and try to relax during the process. The real benefit to vibrating butt plugs is that once their in, you can simply push a button and enjoy an intense and constant source of stimulation.

Are vibrating butt plugs better than regular butt plugs?

Vibrating butt plugs and regular butt plugs both have their place in a sexual toolkit. While many people will tout anything with vibration as being better, for some people the constant stimulation is too intense, and ruins the experience for them. Similarly, there may be situations where discretion is required, and the loud buzz of a vibrating butt plug would be inappropriate.

Can you use more than one butt plug?

You can use more than one butt plug as a woman by inserting one into your butt, and one into your vagina. It isn’t recommended to use two butt plugs at once anally, as this kind of stretching will be risky and may harm your butt.

Can you use electro-stimulation (e-stim) with butt plugs?

E-stim equipment can be used with a large variety of sex toys and butt plugs are no different. For the electrical stimulation to be effective, you’ll usually need to use a metal butt plug. We advise anyone to approach this kind of play carefully, as mistakes can cause a lot of pain.

Can you use temperature play with butt plugs?

Butt plugs are an ideal sex toy to expriment with temperature play. Both glass and metal butt plugs can be heated or cooled to both high and low temperatures without causing any damage to the butt plug. The anal nerves are very sensitive though, so take care not to burn them while doing this kind of play.

How much can you heat up a butt plug?

Your body is actually surprisingly sensitive to temperature changes, and even a slight warming of your butt plug will be able to be felt. Due to this, we advise you try heat play gradually, only increasing your temperature by a couple of degrees at a time. Many people will never want to go beyond 40 or 50 degrees Celsius as their butt plug will become uncomfortable.

How do you heat up a butt plug?

The easiest way to heat up most metal and glass, and some silicone butt plugs, is simply to submerge them in boiling water. Remove the plug every minute or so, and see if it has reached the temperature you want. Don’t simply leave it in boiling water for ten minutes then come back, as the butt plug will be far too hot to insert.

How much can you cool down a butt plug?

When cooling a butt plug, you have a little more leeway with temperature, as the plug won’t remain cold for too long once you insert it. It should be easy to tell if your plug is too cold simply by touching your anus with it and seeing how it feels. Obviously you shouldn’t heat it to a point where your skin sticks to it, but with most normal methods you’ll never be able to make your butt plug too cold.

How do you cool down a butt plug?

The simplest way to cool your butt plug is to just put it in a freezer for an hour or two. Only take it out when you’re ready to use it, as it will quickly return to room temperature. If you’d rather not leave your sex toys with your food, submerging it in icy water can also cool it effectively, but the temperature won’t get as low as when you use a freezer.

Are butt plugs uncomfortable to wear?

Some butt plugs can be uncomfortable to wear, but it often depends on your own body shape. If you find a particular plug uncomfortable don’t get put off, and try one with a different shape or base instead.

How can you make your butt plug more comfortable?

If you find your butt plug a little uncomfortable to wear, there’s a few things you should consider. Firstly, add a little more lube! Your lubrication may have simply dried out, causing things to chafe down there. Another option is that your butt plug is too big, and is producing an unpleasant stretch. In this case a smaller butt plug would be needed. The type of base can also cause discomfort depending on the activity you are doing with your plug, and sometimes the material itself may not be ideal for your body. If you try many different butt plugs, you’re bound to find the one that’s perfect for your body!

Can a butt plug fall out?

There are cases when a butt plug can fall out of you. A weak pelvic floor will mean that you don’t have the strength to hold the plug in place, so it falls out. Sometimes you use a bit too much lube, which makes things a little too slippy. And sometimes you’ve become so experienced at using butt plugs that your sphincters have stretched and smaller butt plugs will fall out.

How do you remove a butt plug?

Removing a butt plug is exactly the same as inserting it, just in reverse. If things have started to dry up down there, add a little more lubricant before you start. Then simply get a firm grip on the base of the butt plug, and gently pull it out.

What does it feel like to remove a butt plug?

Removing a butt plug generally provides much of the same feeling that inserting them does. You’ll feel some stretch as your sphincter starts to open to let the plug back out. Depending on the shape of your butt plug you might feel a slight pop as the plug finally exits your anus. This can feel particularly enjoyable, and is one of the main selling points of anal beads.

It feels like my butt plug is stuck, what should I do?

If it ever feels like your butt plug isn’t going to come out, the most important thing to do is not to panic. Panicking will cause many of the muscles in your body to tense up, meaning you’ll be holding onto the plug even more tightly. Simply add some additional lubricant, make sure everything is nice and slippery, and try again. You can also try bearing down as if having a bowel movement, which sometimes helps get the plug back out.

How do you clean a butt plug?

Cleaning most butt plugs is quite simple. The majority of them can be scrubbed down with plain soapy water. Both metal and glass butt plugs, as well as some silicone butt plugs, can be boiled to fully sterilise them. Some people also like to put their butt plugs in the top drawer of their dishwasher to destroy all the germs on them.

How do you clean a butt plug?

Most butt plugs can be cleaned simply and easily by wiping them down with warm soapy water. Some materials will melt or warp if they are heated up too much though so take care. Ensure that you properly clean all the different parts of the plug thoroughly, to remove all bacteria. Metal, glass, and some silicone butt plugs can be boiled to be completely sterilised.

Do I need to use sex toy cleaner on my butt plug?

Sex toy cleaners are the weapon of choice for many people who need to clean their butt plugs. While we won’t personally vouch for any particular cleaner, if you want to make extra sure that your butt plugs are clean then feel free to pick one up and use it.

Can I put my butt plug in the dishwasher?

A dishwasher is an ideal option for many people to clean their butt plugs. The high temperatures and cleaning products used in them are thorough and safe (as we clean our kitchenware with it), so they do a great job of killing all the bacteria on a butt plug. Some materials are not suitable to be dishwashed, and will warp or melt due to the high temperatures.

Can I put my butt plug in the washing machine?

We don’t advise you wash your butt plug in the washing machine, as it is only designed for fabrics. The spin cycles of your washing machine may damage the butt plug, or the butt plug rattling around may damage your washing machine.

How often do I need to clean my butt plug?

You should clean your butt plug before and after every single time you use it. Cleaning it after use removes any bacteria that has built up during use. Cleaning it before use removes any bacteria that may have built up during storage, which could cause infections if inserted into the anus.

Do you need to clean a butt plug before you use it?

Yes. You should clean your butt plug before every single use.

Do you need to clean a butt plug after you use it?

Yes. You should clean your butt plug once you have finished using it, and before you put it away. Putting it away without cleaning it allows any bacteria present to multiply between uses, which can greatly increase the chance of catching an infection from your butt plug.

How do you store a butt plug?

Most of the time, the box a butt plug comes in makes the ideal home for it between uses. If that isn’t available, then storing each butt plug in it’s own plastic bag (to prevent reactions between the materials), and then putting them all in a sturdy box will keep them safe until you next need them.

Which size of butt plug should I use?

We firmly believe that any butt can accommodate any butt plug, but it takes time. When you’re just starting out you should start with a small and simple butt plug to get used to everything. Over time this will become more comfortable to wear, and easier to insert, so you can then try graduating to larger and larger plugs.

Can I train my anus to accept larger butt plugs?

Yes, over time everyone’s anal muscles can become used to wearing butt plugs, and will be more willing to stretch further and further to accomodate larger and larger plugs.

How do I train my anus to accept larger butt plugs?

The most effective way to train your anus is with gentle anal stretching. This can be done with a combination of your fingers and your butt plugs, and should be approached as a long term project, rather than a quick fix. You might also want to pick up an anal training kit if stretchinig interests you.

What is an anal training kit?

An anal training kit is a collection of three to five butt plugs sold together. These all will be different sizes, moving up from small to large, and the purpose is to give you a natural progression through the sizes as you train your anus.

What is an anal training kit?

An anal training kit is a collection of butt plugs with various sizes, designed to help someone stretch their anus to accomodate larger toys.

How many butt plugs come in an anal training kit?

Most anal training kits contain three or four butt plugs of different sizes.

Which butt plug should I use from my anal training kit?

It’s usually best to start with the smallest butt plug in the set, then gradually work your way through them.

When should I move to the next size up in my anal training kit?

Once the first butt plug feels comfortable and isn’t producing much of a stretch, move up to the next and repeat the process.

Will a butt plug permanently stretch your anus?

Any stretching you do to your anal sphincters will not be permanent, and by taking some time off the sphincters will have time to return to their original state.

How often can I stretch my anus to prepare for larger butt plugs?

There are no rules on how often you should practise anal stretching with butt plugs, but the more consistently you do it, the faster the process willl be.

When should I move up to a larger butt plug?

There’s no firm rule on when you should start using a larger butt plug, and in theory you could jump right to the largest size right away. This probably wont work out great though, so for the smoothest transition we usually recommend that you move up to a new size of butt plug once the one you’ve been using no longer feels like it’s producing a stretch when you wear it.

What is the largest butt plug I can use?

There are some incredibly large butt plugs out there, even one as big as a building! But these super-sized monsters aren’t something a person will really be able to use. In reality, most people will probably struggle to insert a butt plug that was larger than around 8-10 inches long, and more than around six inches in diameter.

Are butt plugs good to get ready for anal sex?

Butt plugs are a great tool to warm up your body before having anal sex. By moving through a few different sizes of plug, you can lightly stretch your sphincters, so when a penis goes in it isn’t such a drastic change.

Are butt plugs good to prepare for fisting or extreme gaping?

Butt plugs are great to prepare for extreme anal activity, as they perform much the same action but on a smaller scale. When preparing for anything extreme, it’s usually a good idea to work through various increasing sizes of butt plugs, just like you would an anal training kit, to gradually open and relax the sphincter muscles.

How often can you use a butt plug?

There are no rules on how often you can use butt plugs, and you can use yours as much as you want! The only thing that might prevent you from using butt plug is and injury or tiredness in your anal muscles. Pay attention to your body, and if it tells you it needs a break, take some time off of your butt plugs.

Can you hurt yourself by using butt plugs too much?

If your anal muscles feel tired and sore, it is possible that you’ve been enjoying yourself a bit too much. If you continue to use butt plugs while these muscles are tired and weakened, you may cause further damage, so it’s best to take a break.

Are butt plugs safe?

The vast majority of butt plugs manufactured today are perfectly safe to use and insert into your body. In rare cases butt plugs are made with materials which may be toxic or cause damage to your body, but this happened much more frequently in the past. If you choose a butt plug made of steel, glass, or silicone, keep it properly clean, and take care when using it, there is almost no risk to your safety.

How do you use butt plugs safely?

Simply using a butt plug properly is enough to ensure that you are using them safely. This includes:

  • Cleaning your butt plugs before and after each use.
  • Storing them appropriately.
  • Using plenty of suitable lubrication.
  • Taking your time and being gentle when inserting them.
  • Not using a butt plug too large for your body.
  • Choosing butt plugs made of body-safe materials.

Can butt plugs cause bleeding?

Some users may experience light bleeding when they use a butt plug. This is usually caused by being slightly overzealous, or not using enough lube, and causing a small anal fissure or tear. If you experience heavy or uncontrollable bleeding, then you should seek medical attention.

Should butt plugs cause bleeding?

Butt plugs shouldn’t cause bleeding unless you’re doing something wrong. This can be not using enough lube, inserting the plug too roughly, using a plug too large, or several other reasons.

What should you do when your butt plug causes anal bleeding?

If you find that you’ve inserted your butt plug and have some anal bleeding, make sure to remove the plug and properly clean the area. Don’t use your butt plug again until the problem has completely healed, and if you experience profuse or uncontrollable bleeding, consult your doctor.

What should you do if wearing a butt plug gives you anal mucus?

Generally anal mucus is nothing to worry about, as it simply helps to lubricate the body slightly. If after using a butt plug you’re finding very thick mucus, white or milky mucus, or blood mixed in, there may be a problem, and you should talk to your doctor.

Are butt plugs safe?

As long as you use your butt plugs correctly, and look after them properly, using butt plugs is perfectly safe. Some butt plugs are made with ingredients that could be toxic in the human body though, so you should choose your butt plugs carefully.

What are the risks/dangers of using butt plugs?

While butt plugs are perfectly safe when used properly, there are some risks/dangers you should be aware of. Most of these are mitigated by caring and cleaning for your plug properly. Some common risks include:

  • Yeast or other infections
  • Cross contamination if you use your butt plug in multiple places
  • STIs or STDs if you share your butt plug
  • Tearing or cutting the skin inside your butt if you are too rough with your plug
  • Pain if you choose not to use lubrication

Can you have an allergic reaction to your butt plug?

Some materials used in butt plugs can cause allergic reactions. The most common of these are latex. There is also often several ingredients found in some lube which can cause allergic reactions. Be sure to carefully inspect the ingredients of your lube before you use it, just to make sure.

What materials found in butt plugs can cause allergic reactions?

The most common material which causes allergic reactions is latex. Some people also suffer from rubber allergies, or even react negatively to some kinds of metals. Always consider any allergies you have when choosing a butt plug.

Can you get addicted to butt plugs?

One of the common horror stories we see online is that people shouldn’t use butt plugs because they’ll get addicted to them and never be able to stop. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and there is nothing more addictive about butt plugs than any other object you might use daily. If you do feel you’re becoming addicted to sex or sex toys, there are many organisations you can go to for support.

Can butt plugs cause infections?

The only ways a butt plug can cause you any infections are if you don’t clean them properly, or you move them from your butt to your vagina without cleaning them in between.

Can butt plugs cause STDs?

Butt plugs cannot cause STDs on their own. They can carry them though, so you should avoid sharing any of your butt plugs if you want to avoid the risk of STDs.

Can a butt plug get lost in your butt?

If you buy high quality butt plugs there is no risk of them becoming lost inside your body. This is due to the base found on all good butt plugs. If you do buy one without a base though, and choose to put it in, it could travel deeper into your body and become lost.

Can a butt plug get stuck?

Butt plugs cannot truly become stuck, although it might feels like they are at times. If your plug does feel like it’s stuck, the important thing to do is relax, and apply more lubrication. With a little patience, it will come back out.

Can you put a butt plug in your vagina?

You can use a butt plug for vaginal stimulation, although they aren’t really designed for it. While they’ll work in a pinch, you’ll usually be better off picking up a proper vaginal sex toy.

Can you use multiple butt plugs?

It’s not super common, but some people enjoy using multiple butt plugs. More commonly this will be women who use one in the anus and one in the vagina to experience double penetration. Some very adventurous people might try two butt plugs in the butt at once, but this isn’t something you should approach lightly.

Do butt plugs hurt?

Some people might experience some pain when they first start using butt plugs, but this usually passes quite quickly. The important thing is to take your time and gradually stretch your muscles. If you experience persistent or unbearable paid, you should remove your butt plug and seek medical attention.

Should you put a condom on your butt plug when you use it?

Condoms are advisable to use with some cheaper versions of butt plugs, as those materials can be dangerous for your body. It’s also advised to use condoms if you plan on sharing your butt plug with another person. If you want to be extra safe you can use a condom all the time, and this will also speed up your cleaning when you finish using them.

Are butt plugs bad for you?

Butt plugs are in no way bad for you, as long as you use them correctly, choose high quality butt plugs, and clean them properly.

Are there benefits to using butt plugs?

Butt plugs aren’t just for pleasure! They can offer a variety of health and wellbeing benefits (provided you use them correctly), from ejaculation or erection improvements, to constipation or even confidence!

Can butt plugs help with erectile dysfunction?

There are a number of ways butt plugs can help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. The regular use of a butt plug can improve the overall strength of your pelvic floor muscles, which play an important role in erections. The extra stimulation (especially on the prostate) can also make the erections you do have more powerful and firm.

Can butt plugs help with premature ejaculation?

Another unusual area where butt plugs can be of some help is premature ejaculation. Often PE is caused by having very over tight pelvic floor muscles. Consistently using them by wearing butt plugs can gradually loosen the muscles, improving your premature ejaculation. Another unusual way they can help is that some men simply can’t ejaculate while wearing a butt plug, but will still experience firmer and stronger erections. They can focus on pleasing their partner, then remove the butt plug when they are ready to ejaculate.

Can butt plugs help with rectal prolapse?

As long as your rectal prolapse is not severe and requiring medical attention, then butt plugs can provide you some relief from the problems. With less severe prolapse, it may be a case of simply waiting for the muscles to heal, but you can have a lot of leakage while that happens. A butt plug can help to hold the muscles in place while they heal, as well as lowering the amount of leakage you experience.

Which butt plug is the most pleasurable to wear?

Pleasure is an entirely personal thing, so there’s no way we could recommend a single butt plug that will be the best for everyone. Each type of butt plug can also give you an entirely different experience, so it can depend what you’re looking for. All you can really do is get out there and try them for yourselves!

Can butt plugs help with hemorrhoids?

In all cases, when you have hemorrhoids you should try to avoid inserting anything into your anus. This includes butt plugs. Not only can the firmness of your plug cause you a lot of discomfort, it can also rupture your hemorrhoids, which can make the situation a lot worse.

Can butt plugs help with constipation?

While you should always attempt to discover the cause of your constipation and treat it that way, using a butt plug can stimulate a bowel movement, and studies have shown most people experience some improvement in their constipation with regular butt plug use.

How long can I wear a butt plug for?

There are no definite rules as to how long you can wear a butt plug for. Often doctors or medical professionals will recommend no more than 2-3 hours, and most manufacturers agree. Some people claim to wear their butt plugs for much longer, keeping them in all day.

What preparation do you need to do if you plan to wear your butt plug for an extended period?

If you’re planning to wear a butt plug for an extended period, it’s advisable to have a bowel movement an hour or so before you begin, so there’s less chance of you needing to remove it. Also make sure there is plenty of lube, and keep the bottle handy to top up later. If you’re heading out while wearing it, take your lube with you as well as a small bag you can store the butt plug in just in case you need to take it out.

Can I wear a butt plug while sleeping?

We don’t recommend you wear a butt plug while sleeping. While unconscious in bed, your pain receptors will be shut off. If anything bad was to happen while you slept, you might not realise until some damage has already been caused.

Can I wear a butt plug outside?

Once you become comfortable with wearing your butt plug, you can take it with you anywhere you want! Many people enjoy wearing them at work, to the store, while cleaning their house, watching tv, literally anywhere!

Can you wear a butt plug at work?

You can certainly wear butt plugs to work, and many people enjoy the danger that comes with needing to not get caught. If you decide to do this, please make sure it’s appropriate to your job, and that any vibration isn’t going to suddenly reveal your little secret. Also choose a butt plug with a comfortable base, as you might not be able to remove it as easily in the workplace.

Can you wear a butt plug while pregnant?

Butt plugs can certainly be used during pregnancy, although some care is advised. If you are having a routine, low-risk pregnancy, there should be no issues. Women who are experiencing problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation, or even placenta previa should usually avoid using butt plugs (or sometimes sex entirely!) as they may aggravate the problems further. It’s usually recommended to us a condom on your butt plug while pregnant, to protect your baby from any infections.

Can you wear a butt plug after giving birth?

Sex toys are great for women who have just given birth. If you experienced any complications during pregnancy or childbirth, you should check with your doctor to make sure that using them isn’t going to cause you problems. If you get the all clear, they can help with all kinds of things, from getting acquainted with your body again, to strengthening the muscles that were weakened during pregnancy!

Can you wear a butt plug while swimming?

Yes it is completely possible to wear a butt plug while swimming, you simply need to make sure you choose an appropriately fitting butt plug to make sure it doesn’t slip out in the pool. You may also want to consider specific types of swimwear as they will make it easier to conceal your butt plug.

Can you take a butt plug on holiday with you?

You can take butt plugs on holiday with you, although you should be careful if you do. Any metal butt plugs will obviously show up on metal detectors, so you’ll want to pack them in your main luggage. There are also some countries with strict laws on sex toys, and taking a butt plug to one of those could land you in some trouble.

Which countries are butt plugs illegal in?

A variety of countries have laws governing owning and using sex toys. These include: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, The Maldives, and many more. Some of these simply prohibit you bringing them into the country, while in others they are completely banned. If you are planning to take your butt plugs on holiday with you, be sure to check the local laws of the places you will be visiting to avoid any issues.

Where else can I wear butt plugs?

It’s entirely up to you! As long as you’re confident the butt plug won’t fall out or get in the way of whatever you are doing, you should be fine to wear it! Make sure to take some extra lube with you in case you need to apply more while you’re out, and a small bag you can put the butt plug in if you need to remove it.

Can you use butt plugs for roleplay?

Butt plugs can be a great addition to many roleplaying situations. Simply playing the role of another character can give you the confidence to try out things in the bedroom that you wouldn’t normally. Tail or jewelled butt plugs can also perfectly compliment the role you are playing in some scenes.

What types of roleplay can you use butt plugs for?

While butt plugs can be used in basically any roleplay situation, they particularly compliment a few specific examples. BDSM couples often have a lot of powerplay mechanics in their relationships, and butt plugs are often used within this setting. The other examples come from pet-play and DDLG roleplay, which both involve playing a very specific character, and tail and jewelled butt plugs respectively fit perfectly with these roles.

Can you use butt plugs with bondage?

Yes, butt plugs can be used with bondage, and if you purchase one with a pull-ring base it can be included in your ropework.

Can you make a butt plug?

You can make a butt plug, but you should only really attempt it if you have suitable tools and experience to make a safe and non-porous one.

Should you make your own butt plugs?

For most people the answer to this will always be no. There is significant risk with a homemade butt plug, as any impurities (bumps or raised areas) on the surface of the plug can cause damage to your anal canal. You also need to ensure that the plug is non-porous, or it will build up bacteria which can cause anal infections. Generally it isn’t worth the extra risk, and most people should buy a butt plug from a store.

How do you make a butt plug?

The only ways we’d recommend making your own butt plug is through either woodworking, glassblowing, or pottery. Any butt plugs made of wood or clay will also need to be coated, as these are porous materials, which will absorb bacteria and could give you infections.

What other objects can you use instead of butt plugs?

There are many stories online of the many different objects people have put in their butts, and if you don’t have a butt plug this might be the first question you have. While there are success stories telling you that a cucumber, remote control, or even mobile phone is perfect as a butt plug, we don’t advise you use other objects and should instead stick to store-made butt plugs as they have proper bases, and are designed for anal insertion.

Can you make your own butt plug?

You can! People often find themselves in a situation where they want to try something, but don’t have a butt plug to hand. There are various ways to make a butt plug yourself, some more safe than others.

Should you make your own butt plug?

This is the real question. If you’re planning on sellotaping together a few random objects you found in your house, you probably shouldn’t continue. If you have the skills and equipment to produce something quality from wood, glass, or clay though, then there’s certainly no harm in a little DIY.

How do you make your own butt plug?

The best ways to make a butt plug yourself are either out of clay, glass, or wood. You can use a kiln, pottery wheel, or simple carving tools to make a butt plug that is exactly the shape you desire. Make sure that you coat your butt plug properly once complete, to protect your body from splinters or any other impurities found in your chosen material.

Do you need to use lubrication with butt plugs?

It is always advised to use lubrication when inserting butt plugs, or any other sex toys, into your anus.

What types of lubrication are there?

There are three main types of lubrication you can use with your butt plugs: water-based, oil-based, and silicone-based. There are also a few other types of lube you might choose to use such as warming or cooling lubricant.

What is water-based lubricant?

Water-based lubricant tends to be the most common kind you’ll find in your average supermarket. It’s usable with any kind of sex toy, and easy to wash off. The only real problem with it is that it dries out quite quickly, so you may have to reapply it often in an extended session.

What is oil-based lubricant?

Oil-based lubricant is a little thicker than other kinds, which makes it a favourite for many people who use butt plugs as the anus doesn’t produce any of its own lubrication. This thickness does make them a little more difficult to wash off, but also means they’ll last much, much longer. The only real downside to oil-based lube is that you cant use it with condoms as they will split.

What is silicone-based lubricant?

Silicone-based lubricant is a kind of hybrid between oil and water based lubes. Its also one of the smoothest lubricants available so many people enjoy using it particularly with butt plugs, The main downside of this kind of lube is that it cannot be used with silicone butt plugs as the two react together and break down the surface of the toy.

What is numbing lubricant?

Numbing lubricant is a kind of lubricant which contains additional ingredients which numbs the skin where it is applied. People will often use this kind of lubricant to help with premature ejaculation, or oversensitivity in their genitals, which can make sex unpleasant.

Can I use numbing lubricant with butt plugs?

At first glance using numbing lubricant might seem like a good idea to make sure inserting your butt plugs isn’t painful. We don’t recommend this, as any pain you feel when you insert your butt plugs is usually a warning sign that you are doing something incorrectly, and continuing will usually damage your anus in some way leading to more pain in the end.

What is warming lubricant?

Warming lubricant is another type of lube which carries additional ingredients. These react when applied to the skin to produce a gentle warming or tingling effect. Some people really enjoy this, while others find it to be too strong and off-putting during sex.

What is cooling lubricant?

Cooling lubricant is very similar to warming lubricant, but in the other direction. Rather than warming the skin after being applied, it cools it down instead. Some people find cooling lubricant to be quite minty, which can either be a positive or a negative depending on your preferences.

What is hybrid lubricant?

Hybrid lubricants are a mixture partly made up of water-based and silicone-based lubricants. They attempt to take the long lasting and silky texture of silicone lubricants, and combine them with the ease of cleaning offered by water-based lubricants. Despite the relatively small amount of silicone present in these they are still incompatible with silicone butt plugs.

Which lubricant should I use with my butt plug?

Which lubricant you use will be decided by a combination of your personal preferences, the type of butt plug you use, and whether or not you use condoms. Silicone-lubricants shouldn’t be used with silicone butt plugs. Oil-based lubricants shouldn’t be used with condoms. Cooling and warming lubricants are enjoyed by some, but they aren’t for everyone.

How much lubricant do I need to use with my butt plug?

Usually you can never have too much lube. There’s nothing worse than thinking you have enough, then getting a nasty surprise when you insert your butt plug. Cover both your butt and your butt plug in lube just to make sure.

How much lubrication should I use?

You should always err on the side of caution and use more lubricant than you’ll think you’ll need. If you end up with a little too much, you can simply wipe some off, but inserting a butt plug with too little lube can be painful, and completely kill the mood.

Do you put the lube on the butt plug, or your butt?

When inserting a butt plug you should lubricant both your anus, and the butt plug.

Will saliva work as lube with butt plugs?

Some people use saliva in place of lubricant when there is nothing else available, and for some people it works. It really depends on both the saliva and anus in question. One thing is certain when saliva is used though, it will often dry out very quickly, so isn’t really ideal for any long sessions of anal play.

How much do butt plugs cost?

Some butt plugs cost as little as a couple of dollars, others can cost several hundred. In most cases prices shouldn’t be the main consideration when you choose a butt plug, as the quality of the plug is much more important.

Which size butt plug should I buy?

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way for us to tell you which butt plugs you should buy. Much of the decision will be based on your own preferences, confidence, or experience using them. Generally we’d recommend less experienced users to stick to small or medium variants, while those with more experience can try larger and larger butt plugs.

Can a butt plug be too big?

Butt plugs can certainly be too big, and there are definitely some on the market that are much more a novelty item than something someone will actually use. There will also be models which are too big for you. Our bodies are all different, and some people’s butts simply wont be able to accommodate butt plugs over a certain size.

Can a butt plug be too small?

You might think it impossible for something to be too small to put in your butt, but it does happen. Firstly some butt plugs might be so small that the base of the plug will be able to slip inside your body as well. These should be avoided as there is nothing to stop the butt plug from travelling further into your body. Sometimes when someone has had a lot of practise with larger sizes of butt plug, the smaller ones will simply fall out, so everyone can find their own personal “size too small”.

How long does a butt plug last?

High-quality glass, stainless steel, and silicone butt plugs should last many years before wearing out. You will need to look after them properly though, as misuse will shorten their life span. Cheaper materials such as rubber or jelly usually don’t last as long and will need replacing often, which really makes it worth buying a good plug.

What is a butt plug?

Butt plugs are sex toys used for stimulation of the rectum. In essence, a butt plug is used as a beginner sex toy to help users ease their way into anal sex.

In most cases, people use them to stretch and their sphincter muscles. They can also be worn both during sex and masturbation to increase sexual stimulation.

The difference between a butt plug and a dildo is that a butt plug is usually shorter, and ends with a wide base or stem to stop it from inadvertently going all the way up the rectum.

They are designed to be left in place for prolonged periods of time, likely in order to stretch out the anus in preparation for anal intercourse, though there are other uses for butt plugs as well, as they come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors, materials, and designs.

Classic models are cone-shaped, but anatomically-correct- shaped are also popular today. Every butt plug has a flanged base that prevents it from slipping further into the anus. The base will ensure that the butt stays in place when you used, thus, saving you from a trip into the emergency room.

You can also use a special foxtail butt plug (for example) for pet fantasy play. Such plugs are not used to stretch out the anus, but rather as a mechanism to attach the tail to the role-playing person.

If you’re looking to try anal for the first time and you’re not sure how to start, butt plugs can give you a great starting option. They will allow you to start everything slowly at smaller sizes and progressively get into bigger, more adventurous sizes later.

If you’re still a little bit “tight” down there, you’ll definitely need some practice and stretching out. Basically, with a butt plug you can safely try anal, at a comfortable pace. However, you still have to know how to use a butt plug. So in order to help you try your first plug, we’ve prepared a short guide…

A brief history of plugs

Even though you’re not aware of it, anal plugs have been around for centuries – even millennia – at this point. For instance, archeologists have discovered butt plugs that date back to 206 BCE.

The first modern butt plug, however, were sold as medical devices by charlatans in the United States, marketed as Dr. Young's Ideal Rectal Dilators.

They were said to cure all sorts of ailments, including insanity, constipation, acne, insomnia, anemia, nervousness, and many others.

Soon enough these claims were exposed as false by the authorities, who banned the sale of butt plugs as medical devices.

With the opening of the first dedicated sex shop in Germany in 1962, the butt plug gained its current use as a recreational sex toy, though it was as late as the 1990s that modern butt plugs came into being, with the advent of soft silicone materials well suited for toys of this kind.

What are the benefits of anal plugs?

Leaving aside the supposed health benefits touted by quack doctors in the United States, there are certainly real and pleasurable benefits to using butt plugs.

Firstly, as previously mentioned, they are used to stretch out the anus before anal intercourse. This is, for the most part, a safety precaution, as inserting a penis into an unprepared rectum can lead to painful tears of the soft membranes, as well as swelling or even bleeding.

The butt plug allows the anus to stretch out slowly and naturally, getting accustomed to the increased width present. That is why butt plugs have a stem which allows them to be left inside the anus as it stretches.

A plug may also be used for stimulation, as opposed to just for stretching. People with prostates can use them by angling them against their prostate and putting pressure on it.

People with vaginas can try to stimulate their G-spot through the wall that divides the vaginal and anal cavity, by angling the plug up towards the stomach. Read more on how butt plugs feel.

On top of that, plugs can also be a sort of decorative accessory. For instance, you may choose to insert a small plug with a bedazzled stem, as a sort of anal jewelry to impress your partner.

There are also special silicone butt plugs with tails that can be made to wag like a dog, and these cater to fetishists for so-called puppy play.

For the more adventurous consumer, special anal hooks are also available. These may look like medieval torture devices, but when applied to a willing subject by a knowledgeable partner, these can result in interminable waves of pleasure.

What about the Benefits of Anal Sex?

Before we start talking about the way you can use a butt plug, we should discuss anal sex for a little bit. Although anal sex stopped being such a taboo in the last few years, some people are still worried about it. In most cases, men are more interested in this sexual activity than women.

However, one of the biggest reasons ladies tend to avoid it is because they don’t know about the surprising benefits anal sex brings to the table. While “beneficial” isn’t exactly the first word that comes to someone’s mind when talking about anal, you might be surprised to know that it:

  • Boosts your immune system

    You probably already know that regular, vaginal sex is good for your health. However, did you know that anal sex can actually strengthen your immune system? In addition to the exercise involved, it introduces a number of different antibodies to your body, which give your immune system a much-needed boost.

  • Improves bowel movement

    This might be a “sensitive” subject, but if you want to remain healthy, you need to make sure that you have regular bowel movement. Unsurprisingly, anal sex is great for this, because it stimulates blood flow in that region and helps your bowels move much easier. And don’t worry, this won’t happen during the actual act if you follow our instructions properly.

  • Is pleasurable for women

    We all know that men enjoy anal sex so much because the anus is much tighter than the vagina. However, ladies still have a ton of nerve endings down there, so careful anal sex still feels really pleasurable for them. Moreover, the G-spot can be reached when man push against the vaginal wall, which means women can indeed achieve an orgasm through anal penetration.

    The next time you start having any doubts about trying anal sex, just remember these surprising benefits, and we guarantee, you’ll start feeling more excited about it. Now, let’s get back on track and talk about butt plugs a little more in-depth…

Differences Between Anal and Butt Plugs

Before we tell you how to safely use your butt plug for the first time, we need to make one thing perfectly clear – an anal plug isn’t the same thing as the butt plug. This is very important, because you don’t want to make a mistake during the purchase process and buy an anal plug by mistake.

As we mentioned above, butt plugs have a cone shape, while anal plugs but a disc and plug shape to prevent any fecal inconsistencies. Anal plugs are mostly used to help you with constipation. It also won’t give you any pleasure during sex or masturbation, so be careful when you’re ordering your butt plug.

How to use a butt plug

Butt plugs are designed to fit into rectums without much problem, but that is not to say that there are no techniques or best practices to be aware of when attempting to insert one.

Here is a short guide on the basics of butt plug use.

Firstly, as with most things related to sex, preparation is key.

You should not try to merely shove it in without having taken the necessary steps to prepare, as this could lead to injuries, and, due to the nature of the primary function of the rectum, it could get very messy.

The first step before inserting a butt plug should be to make sure that the rectum is clean. This is done so as to prevent unpleasant smells from spreading, but also to evacuate enough room for the plug to fit.

Start by having a bowel movement. A bowel movement can be induced by taking laxatives and waiting for them to take hold, but this should only be used as a last resort if you have to prepare for an encounter at a specific time.

The best way to evacuate the bowels is to let it happen naturally. Eating lots of fibrous foods also helps, as it makes for a more compact stool.

Once this is done, the next recommended step is cleaning the bowels out. A douche is used for this purpose, and there are many different types of douche available.

However, the basic function is always the same. You fill the douche with tepid water, and insert the tube into a well-lubricated rectum. You then squeeze the water into the rectum and hold it in for around 30 seconds before releasing.

It's now time to stretch

Now you are ready to start the stretching process. Begin by applying lube to the outside of your rectum once more, and proceed to insert one finger inside.

Get accustomed to the feeling and then insert another one. Some people will find it enough to stretch with only two fingers, but for others, three or four fingers will be necessary.

It is vital that you do not overstep your limits here, and only do as many fingers as you are comfortable with, in the space of time you are comfortable with. With this step, the preparation is complete.

Now you can start with the butt plug

Finally, you are ready to move on to the butt plug. If you are only starting out, you will want to select a smaller butt plug and work your way up. There are butt plug training kits with plugs in assorted sizes made for precisely this purpose, and they are a good investment for a beginner

Don't forget the lube!

Once you have a butt plug of an appropriate size and width, you should lubricate the outside of the rectum again, as well as the tip of the plug. The importance of lubrication in anal play cannot be overstated.

Once lubricated, start inserting the plug into the rectum slowly, constantly monitoring your comfort level.

The plug will start to stretch the opening out, and if you did the preparation well enough, you should have no problems here.

If you feel any sort of pain, do not keep going. Relieve the pressure of your hand on the butt plug and slowly pull it out. You can try it again once the pain subsides.

If you feel a burning sensation in and around the rectum, this may be due to the lubricant or the material the butt plug is made of. In that case, you should try with a plug made of a different material. More information on how to insert & remove the plug.

And we're done!

Once it is all the way in, you are done. You can leave it there for up to an hour, as the plug may start to dissolve inside the colon and be absorbed into your system if you leave it in for more than 3-4 hours.

The recommended 1 hour is just a precaution, and there is really nothing to be worried about.

Tips on making it feel better

Having a butt plug inside of you sure does feel good. If you have a prostate, now would be a good time to see if you can stimulate it using the plug by taking it by the stem and angling it upwards, toward your stomach in a sort of massaging motion.

Once you are ready to take it out, there are some things you should keep in mind. You should not try to merely pull it out, as the shape of the plug, namely, that widest section right before the stem, will make this very difficult, and place a great amount of strain on the muscles of the sphincter.

Instead, you should try to simultaneously push it out with your rectal muscles, as you would when having a bowel movement, and pull it with your hand.

Do this slowly and carefully until it is all the way out. It is important that you clean your plug properly, and this will be covered later.

Are butt plugs safe?

This is a question many prospective users ask, and rightfully so. The area the plug operates in is one with a great deal of stigma attached. It is seen as filthy and embarrassing, full of germs and fecal matter.

Thus, we tend to be overly cautious when this topic is concerned, when there is really very little to be worried about. The short answer to this question is – yes, if you know what you’re doing.

What materials to look out for?

The previous section outlines the best practices for using butt plugs, and if you follow those steps, you should have no problems. However, there are a few more considerations to keep in mind

Firstly, you must find out if you are allergic to any of the materials butt plugs are made of. If you are allergic to rubber, make sure you don’t buy a latex or rubber plug. It is also ill-advised to use butt plugs made of glass, as these could break and cut your anus. It is unlikely to ever happen, of course, but why take the risk?

Quality is important too

The quality of the material the plug is made of is very important as well. Do not scrimp on your plug. Make sure you buy the best grade latex plugs, and avoid ones made form petroleum products, as these can dissolve and burn your insides if left too long.

Other considerations

The physical characteristics of the plug are also to be considered. Get a plug with a smooth surface, and avoid any sharp edges or rough texture, as these can tear your insides and lead to bleeding.

No matter how smooth the plug, do not attempt to put it in without lubrication. This can lead to friction burns on your anus

Make sure the base of the plug is wide enough to keep it from going all the way up your anus, as the shape of the plug would make it very difficult to retrieve, and could result with you having to go to the emergency room to get it extracted professionally.

Can you use butt plugs during sex?

Butt plugs can be used during sex, and this is especially pleasurable for people with prostates, as the movements involved in sex also move the plug in ways that can stimulate the prostate.

However, if the base is too wide, it may irritate the inside of your buttocks because of friction, so it is recommended to lubricate this area as well, if you intend to move a lot with the plug inside.

The use of butt plugs during sex by heterosexual couples can be a convenient time-saver if you intend to move from vaginal into anal sex, as it prepares the anus for penetration during intercourse itself.

Can you share a butt plug?

Finally, you should never be tempted to share your plug with a partner, no matter the level of intimacy and trust.

Your gut contains strains of symbiotic bacteria that are natural and specific to you, and they help you digest certain foods.

However, introducing those bacteria into the body of another host, in this case your partner, can lead to infections and other complications. If you must use the same plug, put a condom on it before you use it, and replace the condom with a clean one before your partner uses it.

What is the right butt plug for you?

"To sum up everything said previously, what follows will be a short guide to choosing a plug that best fits you"

There are many important parameters to keep in mind when choosing a plug, namely: length, width, design, material, quality, and price.

Large/long butt plugs

Though butt plugs are by definition shorter than dildos, there are varieties of butt plug that can be just as long. These share the same basic structure as shorter plugs – they widen towards the end, and have a stem to keep them from going up your anus.

These long plugs, however can be used as a sort of cross between a dildo and a plug. They are most often made of silicone so they can adapt to the inside of your anus perfectly. If you are looking to stretch out your entire anus and not just the sphincter, these could prove very useful.

The width is considered by many to be the most important characteristic of a plug. You should select a width in line with your goals, whether you want to stretch your anus just enough for pain-free anal sex, or you want to do something more extreme, such as gaping and fisting

There are many widths to choose from, some so large that a casual user would consider it impossible to fit inside an anus, and these are especially suited to seasoned anal enthusiasts who know what they’re doing.

For the casual

Naturally, the aesthetics of a plug are another noteworthy characteristic. The classic butt plug is black, to cover up any lingering fecal matter, but they come in all different colors, even transparent and metallic.

If you’re just starting with plugs, you should probably avoid any harder materials, because you don’t want to hurt yourself. It’s better to opt for more flexible materials like PVC and silicone. They are bendable and consequently, more comfortable and safe to use.

Instead of buying supplies separately, the best thing for you would be to opt for an Anal Starter Kit. These kits are perfect for newbies, because they have everything an inexperienced person could possibly need

Usually, they contain four different plugs with the smallest being one inch long, and the largest one being around two inches. Beginners shouldn’t try using larger butt plugs, so don’t even think about using a plug that’s longer than three inches. This is what a regular butt plug starter kit usually looks like:

  • A number of differently-sized butt plugs
  • They are made of silicone, so they are softer
  • Suction cups that allow you to fix the plugs to the floor
  • Instructions that will help you use the plugs safely

Some kits even come with their own lube. But you should be careful when ordering these kits, because some of them have cheap, low-quality lube that could potentially cause some medical problems if the user is allergic to certain substances.

It would be wiser to spend a few more dollars and get some natural lube form a reliable supplier. Like with everything, you have to particularly careful when buying these kits. When choosing your supplier, make sure to check some user-reviews on their site to make sure they are respectable and trustworthy

For the people that care more about the decorative aspect of the butt plug

There are even plugs with intricate shapes and designs, jeweled plugs, plugs with multiple widening areas, plugs with furry animal tails attached to them (with many tail butt plugs to choose from: fox tail, cat tail, raccoon tail, horse tail, dog tail etc.).

The material is important too

We’ve already said that butt plugs are made from a number of different materials. Some of them include PVC, metal, glass, and a number of others. Each of these materials will give you a completely different feel and more importantly – flexibility.

It is important that you choose the one you feel most comfortable with. The most popular plugs are usually made of silicone, as it is soft and bendable, and simulates the feel of a human penis quite well.

However, there are also plastic plugs, metal plugs, glass plugs, and even artisan wooden plugs. It is recommended, however, that you start off with a soft latex plug, and only transition to harder plugs when you feel you are ready.

With various materials come various quality levels. Always choose the best quality plugs, especially silicone plugs. Make sure there are no petroleum products in your plugs.

These high-quality plugs can be more expensive, but they are well worth the investment. After all, why scrimp on pleasure?

How to Take Care of Your Plug

After every use, you’ll need to clean your plug, so you should have soap and hot water ready before you even finish your session. Cleaning sex toys of any kind is definitely a must. Not only will it help you fight off any nasty smells, but it will also prevent bacteria from building up and harming health in the process. You don’t want to end up lying in a hospital, embarrassed, talking to a doctor about your toys.

Furthermore, this will also extend your toy’s life and if you’re planning to spend some money on a more expensive set, you should really take care of your toys. You can always clean it with regular disinfection products, but if you want to be sure everything is 100% clean, you should buy a sex toy cleaner.

It will cost you a few dollars more, but in terms of both longevity and safety, it’s a great investment. What’s more, these cleaning solutions and kits aren’t really that expensive. They usually cost less than 15 dollars and they are good for multiple uses. Even if you use your toy every single day, a cleaner kit will still last you for a few months. Stay safe and invest your money wisely.

The Bottom Line

If you’re perhaps feeling too embarrassed to order a butt plug, you shouldn’t worry too much, because in reality more people use these toys than you think. Sex toys are starting to gain more mainstream acceptance, and in a few years, they won’t be a taboo subject anymore.

So, are you feeling overwhelmed yet? We basically threw a ton of information in your face so you still might not be sure what to think of all this. You just need to remember one thing in particular – when it comes to butt plugs, the most important thing is to take everything slowly. Don’t start with the biggest plug, take things one step at a time and work your way up to the bigger ones down the line.

You’ll probably get a hang of things sooner than you’re thinking right now. In the end, we hope you found this little guide helpful, thank you for reading it and good luck with your future purchases. Trust us – you definitely won’t be disappointed.