Expanding Butt Plugs

As an anal fanatic, whether you're an amateur or an expert, our general rule of thumb is always this: go big or go home. Don't deny when we tell you that this scenario is all too familiar: you shop around for an anal sex toy for the first time; you start with the tiniest one you can find since you believe that your butt needs to start small; pretty soon though, your anus starts to love and get used to the feeling; and sooner enough, you find your way moving up and up the size charts. Thus, narrating your journey to becoming an anal professional.

It's okay. We feel you. You're starting to lose hope because nothing excites you anymore. You're ready to move up...but not way, way up. Not like our extra large plugs. You want something that meets in the middle, a training ground if you will. If that's the case, then we are proud to present to you some anal sex toys that work best for intermediate anal enthusiasts. Lock up your bedroom door, wear your sexiest lingerie and get ready to rock your partner's world with our collection of expanding plugs. Broaden your horizons. Challenge your boundaries. Exciting new things await you.

All of our expanding butt plugs are made from high-quality medical grade silicone since it's the only material that's flexible enough to bend. The "petals" or "flaps" are already expanded and all you have to do is contract the petals to merge them into one and insert it into your butt. As the device makes its way and loses your grip, the petals will unfold and fill the inside of your rectum, making you forget your first experience and giving you a taste of what's to come. With the right training and plugging, you'll be ready for the big boys in no time!

There are different sizes to choose from for your very own expanding butt plug. You also get to choose whether you want two petals or three petals. And since they are made from silicone, colors won't be compromised. We have black, pink, purple, and a flesh tone so you can get creative and pick your favorite toy. Other colors will be added real soon. But for now, let each anal love plug get the best of you and give in to your sexual desires. You won't regret switching to these and you'll even wonder why it took you this long to switch.

Anal toys are the thing of the past. Expanding butt plugs are the future. Once you start to experience the feeling of a number of petals forcing their way into different areas inside of you, you will fall in love with a lot of stimulations going on and you might not be able to focus. Look into each one to see which of them you would want to try first. Who knows? You might even end up getting them all. It's time to move up to the next level. Are you up for the challenge?