Inflatable Butt Plugs

Here's how butt plugs work: slowly, they enter your butt, make their way through the canal, then, they take over your anus and stay there until you give in to the sensory stimulation of your sexual organs. Sometimes, you'll feel amazing, but there are times that you can't help but feel dull and bored. Chances are, you're so used to the sensation that your gaping hole doesn't really appreciate the filling anymore (pun intended). You tried our vibrating wands and even our extra large butt plugs, but they don't seem to give you the same feeling that you used to have when you were just starting out.

If you can relate to the situation that we mentioned above, then we have some bad news and some good news for you. The bad news is, your anus might have gotten used to all the plugging (or the pegging) and is not as tight as it used to be. Now, we have two pieces of good news for you: the first one is that your anal is fully trained and can take almost anything, the other good news is that we have something else for you to try. Stick your ass up and let it come alive with our inflatable butt plugs.

That's right. We are bringing you the big guys in this store. Our inflatable butt plugs can clearly compete with our extra large butt plugs. The only difference is that inflatable butt plugs are more versatile. You can use them on your partner or by yourself as it is, and when you're ready to try something bigger, just inflate the plug with the attached pumping bulb. It's as simple as that. Experiment with a few pumps while getting used to the feeling, and before you know it, you'll be pumping this baby to its full potential!

Our inflatable butt plugs are made from medical grade high-quality 100% materials. These are the only material that is stretchy enough to withstand a good number of air pumps from the included hand bulb. We also made sure that the materials used to make our butt plugs are safe to use inside the body and won't cause any damage or infections. Because of our strict standards to make sure that the toys you receive are of good quality, you can rest easy and just enjoy the ride. Depending on your chosen intensity for the pleasure trip, we have the options of tapered and dildo-shaped to keep you begging for more.

The road to anal domination is the road less taken by all. But when you reach the end of its peak, you'll discover that you can do almost anything. Choose from our two colors, flesh and black, to suit your tastes. Our inflatable butt plugs are for you if you have maxed out the potential of your anus or you're getting ready for a fisting of a lifetime. Pump up your dreams and fulfill your sexual fantasies with inflatable butt plugs. Go big or go home!

Have you always wanted to use a butt plug, but been too afraid to try it because of the size of them? Well fear no more, we have the perfect solution for you! Inflatable butt plugs!

What’s an inflatable butt plug you ask? Well, they’re just like regular butt plugs, but rather than being full sized they start off much smaller. You then add good old air and the plug gradually inflates to its full size. Each inflatable butt plug comes with an adjustable valve allowing you to control exactly how inflated it becomes. This means you can have the perfect size butt plug no matter the situation!

Simply insert the plug in the usual manner (which is much easier due to the smaller size of the deflated plug), then pump yourself to feelings of heaven!


For some people, simply using butt plugs for anal stimulation is all they want. Others though, want to keep going larger, experiencing feelings of fullness like they could never imagine. While you can just keep buying larger and larger plugs to fulfil this desire, after a point they will become increasingly difficult to actually get into your butt. This is where inflatable plugs can save the day. These plugs are hollow inside, and once inserted, are inflated using the attached hand pump. They can grow several inches in both circumference and length, and due to the elastic nature, they can adapt to the shape of your rectum. With a large enough inflatable plug, you can fill your anal cavity like nothing else you might experience!

What kind of Inflatable plug should I buy?

Most of the usual butt plug guidelines apply just as much with inflatables. You should make sure you’re buying a high-quality plug made of good quality material. Unlike regular butt plugs, you aren’t going to be able to buy metal or glass inflatable plugs. This leaves you with options like latex and silicone. Try to avoid anything made of rubber or jelly, as these materials can be toxic and cause some damage if the chemicals are ingested through your anal wall. Some people also have a serious latex allergy, so bear in mind your personal situation when choosing your inflatable butt plug.

When you look at inflatable plugs online, you might notice that there are several sets of measurements in the listings. These will be the base measurements (when the plug isn’t inflated) and the inflated measurements. Sometimes it will list how much the plug will grow rather than the actual inflated measurements. The important numbers you’re looking foe are the length (obviously) and the diameter (the measurement going all around the end of the plug, kind of like a waist size). The greater the diameter the more girthy it will feel inside you. If it’s going to be your first inflatable plug, it’s probably a good idea to look for something which is about the same size as one of your current larger plugs, with an inflation of an inch or so. That way you know that it’ll be able to fit in, but you’ll still have room to inflate it and start to feel the stretch. Another option is to buy a smaller sized plug, but with much larger inflation size. This can let you feel the same stretch you would from a large plug, but without the potential difficulty or pain from actually getting it in in the first place.

How to use inflatable butt plugs


Using an inflatable butt plug is almost identical to using a regular butt plug, but there are a couple of nice bonuses from inflatables. You’ll want to use plenty of lube, and be sure you’re using the right kind of lube. Due to the materials of inflatable butt plugs, you’ll want to avoid silicone based lube. Inflatable plugs are usually made of silicone or latex, and silicone lube will break down the materials of the plug, leaving nasty bacteria in your rectum. You need to make sure that there is plenty of lube both around and inside your anus, and on the plug. It might help to start of with a finger or two to begin stretching your anus before you move into the plug itself. Start slowly, and only go as far as you feel comfortable. If you feel any pain or difficulty, stop for a short time and have a rest, then try to go a little further once the pain has subsided.

Inflatable plugs need to be made of quite flexible material which is hollow inside to allow the air to inflate it. This can make it bend and fold when you try to push it into your anus, making it difficult to actually use the plug. A good little trick you can use if this is happening to you is to fold or roll the plug into a cylinder shape, so that it’s more like a small dildo than a plug. Once you get it in, the elastic nature of the material will return it to its original shape ready to start inflating. It can be a good idea to wait until this unwrapping process is finished before you start inflating. If you’ve ever inflated an airbed before you’ve fully unrolled it you’ll have seen how it can sometimes pop back into shape. Having this happen to your plug while you’re wearing it could be a bit uncomfortable, and probably not very pleasant.

Can it pop inside me?


This is the first thing I wondered when I learned about inflatable plugs. I can’t imagine it would be good for you to have a bunch of elastic silicone or rubber exploding inside your anal cavity. Luckily the muscles inside your rectum are extremely elastic. In most cases, you’ll reach the point where you don’t want to inflate any further long before you’ll reach the point that the plug would explode.

Just in case though, you should always be a little more careful when using inflatable plugs. When you first receive your plug, and every time before you use it, give your plug a good once over to make sure that they aren’t compromised. Anywhere you can see a seam on the material you should be particularly wary of and if it was to puncture or tear, it would likely be at these joins. It should be fairly easy to know if your plug is faulty, as if you find any holes or damage, the plug probably won’t be able to inflate properly when you try to pump it up. This includes the tube and pump too.

You'll quite quickly realise if your plug has a hole in it, but if you can’t inflate it at all its not very likely to explode inside you. What you should be paying attention to when you check the main body of the plug is any cracks or wear in the surface of the material. Any areas you come across this kind of wear will be stress points, and eventually, with enough pressure, a stress point will give way. This is what would cause the plug to pop. If your plug is starting to show wear or visible stress points, it’s probably safer to just buy a new one.

The last important area you should be regularly checking is the valve. Once the plug is inside you the valve is the only way that you can deflate the plug (unless you pop it), so a malfunctioning valve would make it much harder to get the plug back out. Depending in the size and inflation of your plug, it could even mean an embarrassing trip to the emergency room if you can’t remove it yourself.

If everything looks to be in good condition, inflate the plug as far as you can (before inserting it). Obviously, you don’t want to explode it, as you’d have to buy a new one, but you can get a good idea of how much you can safely inflate it while inside you. You can even count the number of pumps you do, that way you can keep track of it while inserted. Some inflatable plugs are designed to hold up to 100 pumps of air.

That might all seem a little worrying, but in my experience, there are very few known cases of inflatable butt plugs exploding inside people. Even in those rare cases, it tends to be the result of carelessness or improper use by the individual. As long as you are using your plugs sensibly, and taking care to look after them properly, it’s extremely unlikely that anything bad will happen.

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