Jewel Butt Plugs | Diamond (Gem)

A jeweled plug is any anal enthusiast's dream come true. There's nothing better than your butthole swallowing the shape of the plug and filling it in your rectum. To men, this means stimulating the prostate and having an instant orgasm. For the ladies, it has the ability to reach into and stimulate the pelvic floor muscles that contract when they're having an orgasm. The anus is tighter than the vagina, and since the organ can't lubricate itself as the other one can, the journey towards anal gratification can be challenging but a hundred times more fulfilling when successful.

So, let's say you already have your own collection of plugs. You have the usual plugs, animal tails, anal beads, and a vibrating wand. Now what? Well, there's more. What if you can introduce a little sassiness and bling into your butthole? If you want to be discreet but still noticeable, you need to add a little spark to get the attention of your partner. What you need is a plug fit for royals. A sex toy that will illuminate the brilliance and radiance of your hole of love. Don't fret, we have prepared a special collection for all you kings and queens.

Stuff your butt with only the best and the most radiant of plugs with our diamond jeweled plugs. When you have all the neat features of every plug in your possession, it's time to focus on the glitz and glamour. We have multiple options and variations of our jeweled plugs to fit your needs and personality. Whether you're a misbehaving mistress or a sissy in submission, there's a jeweled plug in this collection waiting for you. Experiment with your chosen gemstone, and when you can't get enough, you can go ahead and collect them all!

Our diamond jeweled plugs are made from high-quality materials: stainless steel and medical grade silicone, to ensure that the plugs that you stick up there are safe to use and won't be harmful to your body and internals. Choose from our classic rounded base handle or a heart-shaped one. Our silicone plugs are available in four different colors: purple, black, red, and pink. The gemstones are high-quality faux replicas (it would be very expensive if it were real gemstones!) that mimic the splendor and shine of the real ones. You wouldn't even notice the difference. Go for ruby, diamond, different colors of amethyst, and a lot more other options.

Don't think we're letting you go just yet. You'll have a great time with your diamond jeweled plug with their different choice of plug shapes: standard teardrop, tapered, ribbed, and beads. Choose a small beginner's size if you're just starting out, or purchase a set of different sizes if you or your partner are thinking about anal training. We also have a set of different types of gemstones if you're having a hard time choosing your jewels. Multiple choices are brought out in front of you to choose. You can thank us later.

A princess deserves only the best, and many of you might be looking to jewelled plugs to provide your princess with exactly what she wants. But when you already give her the best, how do you treat her on one of those extra special occasions? How about a diamond plug?

These plugs all contain a jewel inset into the base of the plug. Not only do they provide you with an immense amount of anal pleasure, just like any other plug, but they give you a little extra decoration in your derriere.

That’s right, these are pieces of jewellery for your butt! Once you’ve inserted it, you can show off to your special person a great looking, shiny and elegant butt hole to really turn them on and get them in the mood for something special!

Jeweled Butt Plugs- Quality, Comfort & Satisfaction! Diamond, gem and jeweled plugs, with colors for every occasion!

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