Seven Vibrating Anal Toys That Will Leave You Buzzing

Woman with anal vibrators

Looking for something new to spice up your anal play? Try one of our seven top vibrating toys to add a little more stimulation.

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Prostate Massagers: The Secret to Male Anal Pleasure

Man in bed with prostate massager

A prostate massager is the simplest and easiest way to stimulate the prostate gland. Find out what these toys have to offer...

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Making the Most of Anal Toys

Anal toys in a bag

Anal toys offer a world of pleasure to those brave enough to use them. But how do you get the most out of your toys? Find out with these tips.

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Just Like the Real Thing: Loveplugs Guide to Anal Dildos

Butt and anal dildos

What's the difference between dildos and anal dildos? Surely they're the same toy! Find out in our guide to anal dildos now.

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It’s All About the Butt: Loveplugs’ Introduction to Anal Toys

Butt and butt plugs

With more and more anal toys being released each year, it can be hard to keep track! Our simple guide will show you everything your butt has to offer.

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