Vibrating Butt Plugs

You’ll be buzzing when you choose your next toy from our vibrating butt plug selection. These great plugs are full of surprises, with a variety of different patterns and strengths to provide you with endless amounts of pleasure.

Like all Loveplugs toys, our vibrating butt plugs are made with the same great materials you know and love. Silky smooth silicone gives you a gentle, loving experience, while stainless steel provides a much firmer hand. All our materials are body safe, and designed to last as long as you are.

Pick your pleasure, with a range of tempting and interesting designs to try. From basic and simple teardrop shapes, to textured, beaded or even a plug with spirals. However experienced you are you’ll always be able to find a fun and interesting plug to spice up your love life.

But the real joy with these plugs comes from the good vibrations they’ll provide. A vibrating plug will either have a built in vibrator, or a slot which you can insert a bullet vibrator into. Both models work just as well as each other, so don’t pass up on a plug you like the look of just because it has a certain kind of vibrator.

Each vibrating plug has its own unique vibration pattern. Some only have a single on/off function, while others have different strengths. Some simply buzz, while others perform complex patterns of vibration to keep you guessing. The pleasure never ends because as soon as you get bored, you can try something different and enjoy yourself all over again!

They aren’t just great for masturbation, they make sex better too. While you wear a vibrating plug, your partner will be able to feel all the sensations too. Imagine having a vibrating cock or vagina.

Stop using the same old butt plugs. Take your pleasure to the next level with a vibrating plug now!