Enema Kits

Our enema kits collection offers various types of enemas that we have tested and proven effective in flushing your rectum clean before any anal activity. An enema is a must if you want the best anal experience, whether going on a solo flight or sharing the fun with your partner.


An enema is a tool medical practitioners use to flush water into the rectum through the anus. It is usually done for medical reasons to prepare a patient for a medical procedure, relieve constipation or clean the

Since the primary purpose of enemas is to cleanse the rectum, they also became one of the favorites of those who are into anal play.

An enema effectively flushes out fecal matter from the anal canal, leaving you feeling clean and ready to take in more pleasure from behind.

Enema kits typically come with a bag or container to hold the liquid solution and a tube or nozzle for insertion into the anus.



Individual experiences with enemas can vary. For some, using an enema may cause a slight degree of discomfort which includes cramping while the liquid is introduced to the rectum. Some described that they feel the urge to defecate afterwards. Remember that the rectum is not naturally designed to accommodate foreign objects, so using an enema may slightly feel odd to some.


It can be pretty overwhelming which enema to purchase since there are variations in what's included in the kit. We recommend considering the following when choosing:


Choosing the correct nozzle is essential when buying an enema kit. Similarly, when you purchase an anal toy, you want to go for something with the right length and girth. We recommend experimenting with different sizes until you find the right fit. The material is also a significant factor. Go for nozzles or tubes made of silicone, as these types are proven beginner-friendly.

Bag or Container

The bag holds the liquid that is flushed to the rectum. If you want a quick cleansing session, go for a bag that can hold enough water, so you don't need to refill for another round. These bags and containers are safe to hold lukewarm water, which is perfect for flushing. However, several smaller options are available if you need something more portable.

Liquid Solution

The most common liquid used for enemas is either plain or warm water. It is accessible and does the job as long as it is clean. Other types of liquid that may be used are coffee, saline, or herbal solutions. But you won't be an anal kinkster if you are not open to some fun experiments. Read more about liquids for anal douching here.

Choose an enema kit that can hold the type of liquid solution that you plan to use. Most enema bags are safe to contain tepid liquid and other liquid solutions. How much liquid it can hold must also be a factor when buying an enema kit. Go for kits with larger bags or containers if you want to flush in one go without needing to refill and repeat the process.



When choosing an enema kit, consider whether you want to keep one in the bag for unexpected encounters or keep one in the bathroom which is perfect when you always need access to one in your house. Reusable enemas like the ones in this collection are proven durable without compromising comfort.

If you are ever in a situation where you need to cleanse your anus but do not have access to a proper enema kit, there are several homemade enema kit options that you can consider.





Before using an enema kit, let's talk about what goes into the preparation before the cleansing part.

Start working on your diet to have a seamless cleansing session. Foods that are high in fiber are natural colon cleansers. Eat as much fiber as possible to start cleansing even before using your enema. You will appreciate how easy it is to douche once you incorporate fiber into your meals.

Prepare the things you need beforehand including the enema kit, a towel to wipe yourself up afterwards, and the enema liquid.


Enema Kit Instructions


  1. The best place to use an enema kit is near the toilet. This way, you can conveniently clean up the fecal matter flushed out of your rectum.
  2. Prepare the liquid solution. If you plan to use water, then you are good to go. Otherwise, ensure to prepare the liquid solution ahead of time.
  3. Remember to lubricate. Our anus does not have any natural lubrication, so a little help from a lubricant won't hurt, literally. Apply a generous amount of lubricant to the tube or nozzle. For best results, use a lube injector to lubricate your anus before sliding the nozzle of the enema.
  4. Get into a proper position. While this may vary per person, we found that curling into a fetal position is the most convenient way. Feel free to experiment as to what position feels comfortable for you.
  5. Gently insert the nozzle or tube into your anus. Remember not to force it to avoid perforation of your anal canal. If this happens, stop immediately and go to the nearest clinic to have it checked.
  6. Once the nozzle is 3-4 inches into your anus, you may start squeezing the bag for the liquid to flush until it is empty. Gently withdraw the nozzle from your anus.
  7. You may repeat the process until the water running out from your anus is clean.
  8. If you feel the urge to poop, use the toilet per usual to empty the bowels.
  9. Clean yourself up in the shower.

Using an enema kit is a game-changer when it comes to anal play. Not only that it keeps you feeling clean, but it also allows you to enjoy the pleasure of anal sex that only a few dare to try. Make sure to follow our recommendations when choosing the right enema kit and how to use one properly. Browse our enema kit collection today!