Loveplugs COVID-19 Relief

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As we all know by now, Covid-19 has begun to have a lasting effect on communities around the world. People from all different walks of life have been affected, and there are huge relief efforts across the globe to help those currently in need.

Here at Loveplugs, we’ve launched our own relief efforts to help in any way we can. While many may be focused on working with charities and other organisations, we’ve gone right down to the streets.

Our relief effort has been focused in the Philippines. As a long standing friend of the United States, it’s a common holiday destination and a place many like to retire to. We found ourselves in quite a unique position, with members of our team having visited the area themselves, or knowing others who have made the transition to living there permanently. This gave us a ground level view of some of the unique problems this Country faces thanks to both the virus, and the ensuing lockdowns which have been enacted to ensure the safety of their citizens.

And let us tell you, the lockdown has hit them HARD.

As a country, the Philippines already faced some unique challenges. Being an archipelago means that it’s impossible for everything to be easily connected by roads. This results in some unique supply problems. The first few weeks of lockdown severely exacerbated these problems, causing food shortages around the country.

They also suffer from severe healthcare challenges, with many of their most skilled medical staff working in other countries, and a massive lack of personal protective equipment.

To top all this off, many of those most affected are simply ineligible for any financial aid, being in a “no work-no pay” situation.

By making use of our personal contacts in some of the most affected regions, we’ve been able to provide for thousands of families and individuals who would have otherwise struggled on their own. To date, we’ve distributed:

  • Substantial financial aid to some of the most in need.
  • Thousands of packages of rice, beans, fruits, potatoes and meats to the vulnerable and homeless.
  • Fresh bottled water to people who don’t have access to it.
  • Protective masks, PPE, and meals for first responders and health workers.

We’re committed to continuing this for as long as the lockdown remains in effect, and are proud to be doing our part to help those less fortunate than ourselves. While we know that many people here in the USA are having a difficult time, we encourage you all to help in any way you can. Whether it’s shopping for a vulnerable friend or family member, or donating spare money to charity. We’re all in this together!

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