Valentine’s Day: Ten Tips for the Perfect Day

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Whether you’re cruising for company, or happily paired off, Valentine’s day is always a big event. One thing we all gloss over though is some of the pressure we all feel before these big important days.

With the 14th of Feb fast approaching, some of you are probably starting to feel the pressure. Don’t worry though, Loveplugs has you covered. We’ve put together our top tips for having the perfect Valentine’s day, whatever your situation.

Valentine’s Day: A Couple’s Dream

What could be better than a day purely devoted to loving and pampering each other (and hopefully some bedroom action)? But when it comes to actually planning something special, many people in relationships will struggle.

It’s the same day every year, but many of us just can’t help leaving it till February 13th to sort out a Valentine’s surprise. While it sounds terribly cliché, one of the best things you can do to make your day extra special is simply to start thinking early.

With so many stores bringing out special Valentine’s Day products, it can be easy to choose something simple and call it a day. One way you can really make a gift stand out though is to make it personal to your partner. You could make something yourself like a photo album or find something specific to their interests like a signed album from their favourite band.

Everyone always thinks about that romantic Valentine’s meal, but who’s going to cook it? It’s a lot of pressure, and you might both have busy work lives and be tired when you get home. Take the stress out of Valentine’s dinner by ordering from your favourite local takeaway instead.

Let’s face it. We all lead busy lives, and sometimes you’re just not in the mood.

Most couples will put tons of pressure on themselves to have mind-blowing, romantic sex on Valentine’s night, but there’s nothing wrong with just spending some time together and having an early night!

What could be worse than ending your nice romantic evening with some subpar sex?

Just because it’s Valentine’s day, doesn’t mean you have to be all lovey-dovey. You could go for a mountain hike, scuba diving, or even a surprise holiday! The sky’s the limit….

Valentine’s Day: A Single Nightmare?

Just because everyone else is celebrating their relationships, doesn’t mean you have to pay any attention. You don’t get jealous on Mother’s Day, or someone else’s birthday, so why should Valentine’s be any different? Simply wish them well and forget it even exists.

Rather than all sitting alone and wallowing in your single-ness, why not gather all your single friends together and do something you’ll enjoy? The night will be out before you know it, and you’ll have loads of fun memories too!

If being single is something you have a problem with, them what better night to do something about it than the night of love? So, throw on your best outfit and get out there! There’s always going to be plenty of people at clubs or bars who are also single, so the only thing holding you back is you.

Going out isn’t everyone’s thing, so if you’re a little more reserved but still want to get in on the fun, then a secret valentine card is the perfect way to go. It’s up to you how obvious you make it, but if you give them a chance to figure out your identity then your harmless fun could turn into something more…

Don’t worry, it’s not as sorry as it sounds. But when you really think about it, a lot of the things people look forward to on Valentine’s day are universal. You want good food, a bit of pampering, and maybe a nice present. So, give yourself the day you want!

Valentine’s doesn’t have to be stressful, or a day you don’t look forward to. With our simple tips, you can enjoy yourself whether your single, on the hunt for a partner, or happily paired off!

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