Temperature Play - Chill Out This Summer With Your Favourite Butt Plugs!

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Feel the chill or turn up the heat by exploring temperature play! This unique kink can introduce you to a whole new range of sexual sensations and can even incorporate your favorite sex toys!

What Is Temperature Play?

Temperature play is one of the many BDSM kinks that couple’s like to explore to make their sex lives kinkier.

It’s a simple concept. Take something hot or cold. Apply to the many sensitive areas of the body. Enjoy!

Fire and Ice

While it can sound a little far out and dangerous at first, it’s really not as bad as you think. For most people, temperature play will involve ice, cold water, or candles. What Does Temperature Play Feel Like? Good!

Okay, we’re being fairly general here, but it really is that simple. Like almost anything sexual you hear or read about, if temperature play didn’t feel nice, then people wouldn’t do it. (Okay, some people would still do it.)

Real talk, though. Our body is covered in not only millions but trillions of nerve endings! You can feel heat or cold as you go about your normal day.

When we do temperature play, we stimulate these nerve endings. Generally, the more we can stimulate, the better it will feel. And our erogenous zones are some of the most densely packed regions of the body.

On top of this, when we know something is going to happen, our body tends to go on “high alert.” It expects some stimulation, so when that hot or cold feeling finally comes, you feel a rush of endorphins!

How To Do It

We don’t really need to get too complicated here. For cold temperatures or “ice play,” you just literally rub some ice on your partner’s body. Similarly, for warm temperatures (often called “wax play”), you just need to drip candle wax on them.

Wax Play

It’s much more important how you do these things. Creating some suspense by touching different parts of the body. Rapidly swapping between warm and cool sensations. Moving from “less sexy” areas and getting closer and closer to “more sexy” areas.

Basically, foreplay. With ice!

Take time to explore the different areas of the body and find out what feels nice. If you’re doing it to your partner, you’ll easily be able to see what has the most impact.

The Best Butt Plugs for Temperature Play

Using hot and cold objects is only one way to explore temperature play. You can also take advantage of your favorite sex toys! With a chilled or heated butt plug, you can enjoy entirely different sensations when wearing one.

Let’s look at some of our favorite butt plugs that are perfect for temperature play!

Gunmetal Butt Plug
Gunmetal Jeweled Princess Butt Plug Set 3 Piece

A metal plug is the natural choice for any temperature play. Our favorites are this stunning butt plug set of Gunmetal Jeweled Plugs. They’re great to look at, both before and after you insert them, and will hold temperature better than any other kind of butt plug!

Yellow Glass Butt Plug
Yellow Glass Butt Plug

Often overlooked, glass anal plugs are also great for temperature play. Our Yellow Glass Butt Plug is textured with plenty of raised bumps, adding plenty of different sensations while you experiment with different temperatures.

Heart Silicone Anal Beads
Beaded Purple Heart Plug

While glass and metal are much more common, you can still use silicone and TPE products when exploring temperature play! We love this set of Purple Heart Anal Beads, thanks to their unique sensation. Cool them down, push one heart-shaped bead at a time, and pull them out slowly for a complete sensory overload.

Staying Safe

Whether you’re planning on heating up or cooling off your sexy butt plug, you should keep a few things in mind to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

First, avoid extremely high or extremely low temperatures.

Most areas you’d want to explore are very sensitive. This means you’re much more likely to hurt yourself if you go for extreme temperatures.

Heat your sex toys gradually.

If you want to use a butt plug to explore temperature play, don’t just shove it in the freezer overnight and expect it to be useable. You should warm or cool your plug for around 15 minutes, then see how it feels. If you need to, pop it back in for another 15 minutes, but most of the time, it will already be the right temperature to use.

15 Minutes

Test things first!

Whether it’s an ice cube, candle wax, or your favorite butt plug, make sure to test it! Try it out on the inside of your wrist or thigh, and ensure it’s a comfortable temperature before you explore your sensitive areas.

Extreme Temperature Play

While most of us will be perfectly happy exploring basic hot and cold sensations, there are always people who like to take things further.

We’re talking mainly about fire play kink here. This is where you make use of actual live flames to explore the sensation on your skin.

We’re not going to go into too much detail, as this is quite a dangerous practice. Everyone who does it is properly trained and takes great care to make sure everything is safe. If you’re interested, click here to find out what fun and kinky things you can try for fire play. Now imagine that on your body. Pretty intense, huh?

Just don’t try this stuff at home on a whim!

Other Sensory Play

While temperature play alone can provide plenty of unforgettable nights, there’s always more to explore when it comes to sex!

Many different kinds of sensation play can intensify or change your experience in the bedroom. A lot of these can also be combined with temperature play or just enjoyed on their own!

The most common form of sensation play is simply using a blindfold. Depriving your partner off their vision will leave them at your mercy. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as the surprise when you don’t know what’s coming next!

You can also explore the many other senses of the body. How about some heated-up chocolate to play with heat and taste? Or maybe some chilled chains to tie your lover to bed?

Sensory Play

It’s really all up to you! You can let your imagination run wild and combine the different senses (or lack of) in any way you see fit.

Just remember, with any BDSM or kink play, remember to keep it SSC. Safe. Sane. Consensual.

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