The Wonderful World of Tail Plugs!

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We simply love tail anal plugs here at Loveplugs. They’re our favourite kind of plug, and can open up a whole new world of roleplay fun in the bedroom!

We’ve been hard at work the last few months, finding all of the hottest new tails to level up your pleasure in the bedroom. Today, we’re proud to announce our new Shapeable Tail range.

These tails for sex are a step up from your standard fox or butt plug cat tail, thanks to their sophisticated internal locking system. This lets you pose the tail in exactly the position you want and make it look perfect for your partner.

To sweeten the deal even more, you’re getting two plugs in one! Each posable tail can be unscrewed from the base, and comes with a lovely jeweled base that can be screwed in whenever you want to wear it without the tail anal plug!

For the truly brave, how about a shapeable LED anal tail toy? These beauties can not only be posed in any shape you desire, but feature LED lights to let you be the centre of attention whatever the occasion!

We’ve got more new plugs too, like our magnetic tail range. These are great because they let you change your tail whatever mood you’re in. You don’t even need to remove your plug!

We currently have four gorgeous furry butt plug fox tails to choose from, so collect them all for the ultimate flexibility in your tail experience!

While all these tails are a lot of fun, there’s one important thing you need to remember. If you pull on the tail itself, it could come off! The tail is joined onto the plug by a single point, so by pulling on it you’re putting a lot of stress on this single spot.

If you just have to pull on your tail (and it can feel great while you wear it), go for a shapeable tail. Thanks to their advanced spine technology, these can withstand greater punishment than more standard models. Don’t be too adventurous though, they’ll still break if you’re too rough!

With magnetic models, if you want to swap your anal tail, make sure you pull on the metal part at the base of the tail NOT the tail itself.

Of course, our usual selection of tail plugs are still available as well! Perhaps you’d like to try one of our truly luscious and luxurious fluffy tails. They feel so real that you won’t believe they’re faux fur!

The world of tail plugs is always expanding. Dive in today!

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