Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)
Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)

Transparent Glass Plug Set (3 Piece)

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You will get three times the satisfaction for the price of one. This set of glass anal stimulators is the complete package. Thie package is every anal play enthusiast’s dream come true. The set includes anal beads, a butt plug, and an anal dildo.

Anal beads are multiple spheres attached together in succession. These beads are inserted into the anus for maximum pleasure. These beads can be pulled in and out of the anus at varying speeds. Anal dildos are shorter than vaginal dildos. These are designed not to cause any tear or perforations in the anal region. Butt plugs are used in preparing the sphincter muscles for something bigger, like a penis or an anal dildo.

Glass is a remarkable material to make sex toys. It is smooth and non-porous. Also, you do not need to worry about “phthalates.” However, glass butt plugs are not pliable; thus, they are not ideal for beginners and first-time users. It is sturdy and suitable for long-term use.

Glass sex toys are not flexible. One has to exercise caution when using them, or it may result in perforations and trauma to the anal lining. It is important not to rush and force the insertion of these plugs into your anus. To avoid bleeding and discomfort, always apply a liberal amount of lube to help ease your way in. Start circling the anus with one then slowly insert another finger to stretch your muscles. If you feel comfortable, gently shove the plug in.

All these glass pieces are easy to clean. Like metal and ceramic, wash them with warm water and mild, fragrance-free soap. Wipe them dry and store them in a cool, dry place. Also, you can sterilize the plugs by soaking them in boiling water.

The set is everything you need to achieve optimum sexual gratification. Grab your own now!

Color Transparent
Type Glass plugs, Anal beads
Material Glass

Butt plug: 11.5 cm (4.53 in.)

Anal Bead: 12.5 cm (4.92 in.)

Anal Dildo: 8.5 cm (3.45 in.)


Butt plug: 2.5 cm (0.98 in.)

Anal Bead: 2 cm (0.78 in.)

Anal Dildo: 2.7 cm (1.06 in.)

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