Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo
Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo

Neo-Chrome Glass Dildo

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, single or taken, this glass anal dildo will give you incredible carnal pleasure.

Built entirely of glass, this sparkling beauty measures 7 inches long, and its widest girth is 1.38 inches. The head is bent slightly from the neck to massage the prostate easily. The spherical base at the other end serves as a stopper so that the toy will not travel any farther. If you’re creatively kinky, the head and the base can serve other purposes purely for fun and pleasure.

You might think that the glass is not durable, so we’ve addressed this concern for your peace of mind. This butt pleaser isn’t made of just regular glass, but of borosilicate glass, so you have nothing to worry about. With proper handling and normal use, this sex toy will never break in the middle of anal exploration.

Want to have titillating foreplay? Why not have temperature play? All you have to do is to put this glass sex toy in the freezer for a few minutes and voilà! You have a frozen delight to send shivers down your spine. If you want it steamy, soak it in a bowl of hot water to stimulate arousal. So, get naked with your partner and start exploring each other’s erogenous zones with the use of this crystal. Given its tapered end, it’s perfect for rimming to get the butt excited for insertion.

There are other advantages that this glass butt prober offers. It’s known for its non-porous nature; so, it’s easy to wash off fecal matters and other elements that could be harmful to your bum. It’s also compatible with any anal lubricant, but we recommend you avoid using cheap, unreliable ones. For the best experience, coat your toy with lube and apply more to your butt.

Experience exquisite fullness from this stunning glass dildo. A purchase done today means excellent days ahead!

Color Rainbow
Type Glass Butt Plug

Handle: Glass

Plug: Glass



7 inches


1.38 inches

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