Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set
Black Enema Bulb Set

Black Enema Bulb Set

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Does your lover love to fuck your behind? If so, then you should get our 310ml Black & Blue Enema. This product comes in black or blue ribbed, jar-shaped douche, making it perfect for couples. It also has a glow-in-the-dark nozzle with holes on the sides that clean not just the anal canal but its walls as well for more effective and thorough cleansing.

The douche is made of medical green rubber. This material is safe to use as it prevents the risks of infection. It is also compatible with virtually all sorts of lubricant for comfortable insertion.

Furthermore, the kit can be easily cleaned. All you have to do is put the douche in a pot of hot water after use to kill the bacteria. Once the bottles and the nozzles are disinfected, you can keep them in your storage and use them again.

However, these are not the only reasons why you should get this product. The product's measurement is also an asset because, after all, size matters.

The jar-shaped container measures 13.33 cm. in length and 6.35 cm. in diameter. This size is enough to hold 310 ml. of water.

Meanwhile, the nozzle measures 11.43 cm. in length and 2.54 cm. in diameter, which can reach the inner part of your rectum. Hence, you are guaranteed that your butt is thoroughly cleaned.

Aside from that, the douche is travel-friendly. Just put it in your bag, and you can clean your ass whenever and wherever you want.

So why would you pick another anal douche brand when you can get these things and more with our 310ml Black & Blue Enema? With our anal douche, you are guaranteed that your butthole is ready for some mind-boggling, cum-exploding anal sex!


Color Black or Blue
Type Enema Kit/ Anal Douche
Material Bottle: Medical Green Rubber
Nozzle: Medical Green Rubber


Bottle: 13.33 cm./5.25 in.
Nozzle: 11.43 cm./4.5 in


Bottle: 6.35 cm./2.50 in.
Nozzle: 2.54 cm./1.00 in

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