Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug
Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug

Extra Small Expanding Butt Plug

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  • High quality expanding silicone plug
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use

They say good things come in small sizes so if you really want to go small in your kinky anal explorations and fun, then this extra small expanding silicone butt plug is a good option. It is a smaller sized silicone anal expander for those who want to start small then work their way up to bigger sex toys.

The extra small silicone anal expander is a perfect way to start your anal stimulation journey. It is an easy to insert and use product that works both as a butt plug and as an anal dilator too. It’s a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate users. It feels so comfortable and full enough to give you a pleasuring sensation. Advanced users of anal toys will however need to go for the large or extra-large versions. Keep in mind that to get the best results from these butt plugs, we recommend that you use a lubricant. Lube makes it easy to insert the anal plug.

You’ll also love the fact that this butt plug is made using high-quality odorless, flexible, and smooth silicone materials. The silicone material is 100% safe for body use. You can insert the butt plug without fear of adverse effects on your internal organs.

Using the butt plug and anal expander is quite easy. All you need to do is first lube it with a lubricant, squeeze it in, and let it expand inside you. The sex toy reaches all your sensitive inner regions to give you endless orgasms. It is a perfect anal dilator and plug in one designed to give you unlimited sexual pleasure.

The anal expander comes with a simple vibrating mode to excite your prostate regions while relaxing the muscles. If you are looking for a nice prostate massager and butt plug to give you maximum anal stimulation, then this product is your best option. It’s an awesome product for people that are looking for something intense.

The expanding anal plug is made of 100% silicone material. It is safe for bodily use. The butt plug has an exciting ball design with a wide flared anchor base for gentle rocking motions when it’s already inserted. It works as an anal bead and butt plug combined. Its overall design gives you extra stimulation in your roleplay or simply when you want to enjoy your solo play.

This small expanding butt plug is designed for beginners. It is made of smooth, flexible but firm silicone material that gives you intense anal stimulation. The butt plug is shaped for extreme prostate stimulation. The butt plug is made of high-quality body-safe materials to give you safe and pleasurable non-painful anal stimulation.

Type: Extra Small Expanding Silicone Butt Plug
Colors: Black
Plug Material: Silicone
Butt plug dimensions Extra Small: 2.99in x 2.25in
Small: 3.22in x 2.75in
Medium: 3.34in x 2.95in
Large: 4.09in x 3.81in
Extra Lage: 4.72in x 4.37in

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