Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"
Silicone Dog Tail, 8"

Silicone Dog Tail, 8"

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Dogs are one of the most loved pets because they are loyal and highly trainable. Want to be cared for like an adorable dog? Play out your fantasy by wearing this dog tail plug!

This silicone plug is a remarkable butthole expander. Your fantasy pet play will be one of a kind with this do tail plug. Prepare your sphincter muscles for the real deal!

This plug is made of silicone. It is one of the safest sex toy materials to date. It is pliable, smooth, soft, and safe to use. For first-time users, it is important to start small and soft before switching to hard, rigid devices. The anus is packed with nerve endings, and a little mishap can result in perforation and trauma, which in turn can be very painful and uncomfortable.

This tail plug is available in black. The entirety of the plug resembles a dog's waggy tail. The plug itself has a tapered design for easier insertion. It also has an anchor base for added safety. When the night goes wild, a plug gets sucked up inside as the rectal muscles contract, so it is always best to get a plug that has a secure base.

A silicone plug like this is non-porous; hence, it is very easy to clean. Run warm water over the device and use anti-bacterial soap. If you are very particular with hygiene, soak the device in boiling water for a few minutes. Be careful not to let the toy touch the bottom of the pot as it will destroy the quality of the device.

It is ideal not to share sex toys with your partner. If it cannot be helped, cover the device with a condom and wash it thoroughly after every use to avoid the spread of STDs. Cleaning the toys before and after use will help get rid of unpleasant odors.

So what are you waiting for? Add this to your collection now!

  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone

  • Color: Black

  • Tail Length: 8.27"

  • Plug Dimensions:

    • Length: 2.91"

    • Width: 1.38"

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