Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"
Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"

Glow in The Dark Dog Tail Butt Plug, 8"

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Lights on or lights off? Do you like it when you get to see your partner's bare body? Or do you want the thrill of touching the unknown? Whichever it is, you can't go wrong when you get this dog tail that glows in the dark!

Even when in the absence of light, this will shine like kryptonite, ready to devour your strength and might. Its entirety resembles the shape of sperm. But if you look closely, it actually has two sections—the butt plug and the dog's tail. All its parts are made of high-quality silicone infused in phosphorus. This element is responsible for the toy's ability to glow in the dark. While it sounds too nerdy to hear these substances, fret not about their safety. Rest assured that you can safely put them inside your and your partner's ass.

This pleasure toy's tail measures almost eight inches long, hence the name. The plug that comes with it varies in size, on the other hand. You can choose from variants A-F, the dimensions of which are specified in the table below. The main differences, in a nutshell, are the length and the girth of the plugs. But in terms of the power to stimulate the butthole, they are all equally the same!

Use it on your naughty sessions with ease! Water-soluble lubricant is the key to the fast and smooth insertion of these plugs. Smother its head with lots of lube and insert it into the asshole, and you should be ready to go. Play some hide and seek games in the dark, and let this glowing tail be your guide in finding your partner as he wags his tail together with the movement of his hips.

Once done playing, give your toy a little love by washing it with soap and water. Yes, that would be enough to wash away the dirt on it. Dry it thoroughly before keeping it in your safe box.

Lights on or lights off? That is not the question. Can you handle this? That's the mystery! Get your desired one from the seven stirring sizes of this product now. All you have to do is click that "Add to Cart" button!

Color/Type White
Butt plug material Silicone
Butt plug dimensions

A: 1.18in x 2.76in

B: 1.38in x 4.52in

C: 1.57in x 3.35in

D: 1.77in x 3.54in

E: 1.97in x 3.94in

F: 2.16in x 4.13in

G: 2.36in x 4.52in

Tail Length 7.87in

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