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8 styles Crystal Glass Stimulator Butt Plug

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These classic glass butt plug shapes were designed for a wide range of pleasure preferences. Each of these eight butt plugs is safe and user friendly. Glass butt plugs are different from the rest because they can be used with all types of lubrication and are hypoallergenic and a much safer option for people with sensitive skin and allergies. We recommend trying out a couple to find a shape that gives you the most pleasure.


Color/Type Transparent
Butt plug material Glass
Butt plug dimensions

A: 1.77in x 4.21in

B: 1.18in x 4.72in

C: 1.57in x 3.15in

D: 1.18in x 5.50in

E: 0.60in x 4.72in

F: 1.38in x 4.13in

G: 1.18in x 4.33in

H: 0.91in x 4.72in