Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"
Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"

Playful Pony Tail Plug, 16"

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Why get a horse when you can turn your lover into this mag-neigh-ficent creature? All you have to do is buy this pony tail plug! Not only will this toy transform you or your partner into a noble steed or a captivating mare but it will also add thrill and fun to your pet play scenarios!

This black plug is fabulous from top to bottom! The plug is made of supremely smooth, soft silicone. This material is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and phthalate-free, making this sex toy safe and comfortable to use. Plus, it is bendable. It conforms to the wearer's body contour, which makes it easier for you to move.

However, this is not the only thing that this plug has to offer. It also provides a safe but satisfying anal sex experience! The tapered design of this tail plug promotes anal simulation. It ensures comfortable, easy insertion and gradual expansion.

Meanwhile, the neck has the proper length to accommodate the sphincter. As for the flared base, it adds charm to the plug as it is where the horsetail is attached. It holds the tailpiece together so that it does not fall off when you shake your booty. Not only that; it also stops over insertion, keeping you worry-free and focused only on mind-blowing sexual pleasure.

Our silicone pony tail plug is perfect for both men and women. Wear nothing but this magnificent stallion tail and entice your handler to ride on your back. Alternatively, use it as an accessory to complete your majestic stud look. No doubt you will be the star for the night when you wear this at a fetish party.

Can't wait to neigh with pleasure? Buy now!

Color Handle: Blonde
Plug: Black
Type Tail Plug
Material Handle: Fiber
Plug: Silicone
handle:42 cm. (16.53")
plug:9.5 cm. (3.74")
plug:3.8 cm. (1.50")

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