Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)
Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)

Versatile Silicone Kit (4 Piece)

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Color Pink

Experience four different sensations with this set of plugs in various shapes!

This set of plugs features four different designs of plugs that you can experiment with. All of the plugs have an anchor handle. The first plug has a bowling pin-like shape. The second one is a simple tapered plug. The third is also a tapered plug with a bulb near the handle. The last one features a tapered tip with two bulbs. You can mix them up depending on your mood and explore different ways to pleasure your anus!

With this training kit, your safety is definitely a priority. Made from medical-grade silicone, the plug is free from any harmful chemicals like phthalate, latex, and BPAs. You don't have to worry about any allergies during your anal experience. Silicone is also a non-porous material so you don't have to worry about it getting dirty because cleaning it is easy-peasy. Four times the safety makes four times the fun!

Once you've chosen one from the set to satisfy your anal cravings, you can start your anal adventure. Since the plugs are made of silicone, you will have the best experience with a water-based lubricant. Before inserting your plugs, make sure that you've washed down there. Place one then two fingers in before plugging it in for 2-3 hours, then take a stroll while wearing it. After some time, your anus will stretch out, and you will be ready for the real anal experience with your partner!

Using each plug allows you to experience pleasure four times the usual. You will finish a fulfilling exploration. Once you're done, you can easily remove it by pulling the handle and wash it with water and mild soap. Afterward, store it in a dry and safe place until your next play!

Explore the four sensations with these pieces!

  • Material: Medical Grade Silicone

  • Color: Pink, Purple, Black

  • Plug Dimensions:

    • A:

      • Length: 3.54"

      • Width: 0.94"

    • B:

      • Length: 3.94"

      • Width: 0.94"

    • C:

      • Length: 4.72"

      • Width: 1.18"

    • D:

      • Length: 5.12"

      • Width: 1.5"

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