White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"
White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"
White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"
White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"
White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"
White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"

White Fox Tail Vibrator, 13"

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Role-playing has never been this fun with this sweet white tail! This sex toy has got everything you need for a role play, making your bed activities fun and sexy!

This butt toy is made of premium silicone. This material makes the anal sex toy durable and flexible so that every move feels comfortable. It is also soft, hypoallergenic, and non-porous. Hence, you don't have to worry about getting irritation and genital diseases. Meanwhile, the white foxtail is made of fur. This means that no animal has been killed nor harmed while creating this toy.

But these are not the only features that this tail plug has to offer. It also has a round base where the fluffy tail is attached. The base serves as your butt's protection from any anal sex mishaps. That way, the plug won't go any deeper into the anal cavity as you or your lover thrust it into your butt core.

But what sets this furry tail plug apart from the other plugs is the vibrator. The toy comes with a remote control vibrator that lets you or your "owner" set the vibration of the plug. With this exceptional feature, you will moan louder as you have never groaned before.

The silicone plug is ideal for both men and women. It is also a perfect addition to your fetish costume as it puts the word "foxy" on your look. Just push the tapered end into your butt, and you are ready to unleash the sexy beast in you.

For these reasons, this white tail is one of our best-selling products. Don't miss out the fun and grab yours, too! We guarantee you that your lover won't be able to resist you once you wear it.

  • Material: Plug: Medical Grade Silicone, Tail: Synthetic Fur

  • Tail Color: Plug: Flesh ; Tail: White

  • Tail Length: 13.62"

  • Plug Dimensions:

    • Length:4.88"

    • Width:1.22"

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