Pink Cat Ears
Pink Cat Ears
Pink Cat Ears
Pink Cat Ears
Pink Cat Ears
Pink Cat Ears

Pink Cat Ears

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  • Great for roleplay
  • Easy to clean
  • Handmade product
  • Made of high-quality soft fur materials

Take your sexual adventures to a higher level with this set of exciting pink cat ears. These fluffy soft cat ears are designed to bring your sexual fantasies into reality in the most exciting way. The cat ears are made of top-grade synthetic fur and a self-adjusting metallic headband that snaps into place to keep the furry ears firm and comfortable. The fashionable fur ears have a feminine pink color and style that gives you the exact sexual image you or your partner yearns for.

The pink cat ears are designed to give you the best BDSM petplay or fetish roleplay your rich imagination can conjure up. If you fancy a kitten look in your roleplay, then definitely get this pink set of cat ears to spice up your kinky explorations. The erotic cat ears make a fun and unique addition to your collection of sex toys. They come with a comfortable size of 4 inches, which easily fits everyone. The headband has a unique design that snaps into place regardless of the size of your head.

These girly cat ears are a perfect gift item for both of you. Your partner will love it, even more when it is delivered wrapped in a nice package complete with a personalized message. Another great thing about the pink cat is that it is quite easy to clean and maintain. The metallic headband can easily be cleaned with water while the furry part can be blow-dried easily.

To get the most out of your pink cat ears, we recommend using them together with one of our bunny or fox tail butt plugs. This is a perfect combination for the most intense anal stimulation and roleplay combination to spice up your night of passion.


Type: Love Plug Accessories
Color: Pink
Material: Synthetic Fur and Metallic Headband
Size: 4 inches tall

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