18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug
18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug

18" Pink with White Fox Tail Plug

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If you are looking for a more intense toy to enhance your sexual role play, this nifty pink and white fox tail butt plug is your best option.

It is designed with pleasure and durability in mind. Your partner will be blown away when he walks on you sporting a bright pink fluffy fox tail with a white tail end, ready for mind-blowing action. A majority of users of this white fox tail butt plug, claim that it is incomparable to any other sex toy given its rich, fluffy faux fur and a nice fitting stainless steel plug. It’s guaranteed to take your sex life to a higher level.

The pink and white fox tail plug features a soft supple tail with fluffy fur that feels so good to touch. It also feels nice and smooth on our skin thanks to a rich furry texture. The plug is made of 100% safe stainless steel for easy insertion and durability. The foxtail is available in different sizes, from small and medium to large. Size is not a concern when choosing this sex toy. There’s a fitting size for everyone. It’s also lightweight with a weight of just 70.5g.

The entire tail comes in varying lengths from 38 to 45cm. Choose one that really turns you on. Add more excitement to your bedroom for a closer bonding experience with your partner with this seemingly innocent but extremely naughty pink fox tail.

Product Details:


Tail Type: Tail Plugs
Colors: Pink with white tail end
Plug Material: Metal
Length: Tail: 38 - 45cm / 18"
Plug: S: 2.95 in., M: 3.35 in., L: 3.74 in.
Width: Plug: S: 1.10 in., M: 1.38 in., L: 1.61 in.
Weight: 86.2g
Ships: Single Plug

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