Animal Transformation Fetish

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Another kind of fetish involving animals is the animal transformation fetish. This is a branch of transformation fetishes, which is often referred to as TFing or TeeFing. The animal transformation fetish is simply the sexual arousal caused by the idea of being turned into an animal or turning another into an animal.

While this fetish can be enjoyed in real life, many of the people who indulge in it keep it entirely online. It is thought this is partly due to the unique nature of this fetish and partly because it can never really happen. By keeping the roleplay online, anything is possible that lets people fully engage with the fantasy.

What Is Animal Transformation Fetish?

While the core idea of an animal transformation is quite a simple one, there is a lot of nuance and detail involved in the process. The primary means that people engage in these fantasies is through fetish-based art and online roleplay. Animal Transformation frequently involves themes of bestiality and zoophilia, so it is much rarer for people to engage in it in real life.

How Do People Transform?

If the transformation is done through writing or art, there are often recurring themes. Typically, males who transform will gain large amounts of muscle, and their clothes will rip off as their bodies grow. Women will often grow extra nipples along their stomachs. Both sexes will gain excessive body hair, developing over time into fur.

The transformation can be due to a range of reasons, such as:

  • Entering a cursed location
  • Injection
  • Being bitten or attacked by the animal
  • Being touched by the animal (sometimes called a virus transformation)
  • Inanimate transformations (being turned into a statue)
  • Second skin transformation (where a growth gradually envelops and takes over the whole body)
  • Wearing a costume of the animal, which cannot be removed and eventually tightens to become your body. This is particularly common among furries, and often involves foxes, cats or wolves.
  • Body alteration or partial transformations

Should people pursue an animal transformation scenario in real life, some level of disbelief will need to be suspended. You can follow any of the scenarios you wish but won’t be able to fully simulate some elements of the transformation. As long as both partners are willing to let go and believe in the roleplay, though, you can have some great experiences despite the limitations.

Animal Transformation doesn’t have to involve real animals. Plenty of people enjoy morphing into fantasy or made-up animals too. It doesn’t always have to be sexual either! There are many events worldwide where people will go to live as their chosen animal for a few days. However you choose to engage in animal transformation, there will surely be people out there who enjoy the same things. It might take a little time to find them, though, as this is one of the more extreme types of animal roleplay.

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