Making a Scene: Roleplay Fetishes and You

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Roleplay is great way to spice up any relationship by bringing a new dynamic to the bedroom. You can try anything you can think of, and commit to it only as much as you’re comfortable with. For some, one particular style of roleplay will become a favourite, and often be engaged in regularly. This is where it becomes a fetish. The word fetish tends to get a bit of a bad rep, generally being associated with things like leather, latex, whips or bondage. Ultimately though, a fetish is just something you enjoy in a sexual way. If you enjoy it, then who cares what anybody else thinks?

Traditional Roleplay Fetishes

These scenarios are all on the tamer end of the spectrum, and are a great way to start out with roleplay. If you enjoy one of these scenarios, you can amp it up over time, incorporating more and more objects or techniques into your scenarios. Common roleplay fetishes include:

  • Doctor or nurse/patient
  • Criminal/policeman or prison guard
  • Meeting strangers
  • Handymen or handywomen
  • Secretary/businessman
  • Stripper/client
  • Teacher/student
  • Pirate/captive or wench.
  • Photographer/model
  • Specific clothing (usually uniforms)
  • Celebrity or role-model roleplay

The list can go on and on. Basically, any situation with two or more people, usually wearing outfits that one of you find attractive, can build from a sexual fantasy into a fetish. You can enjoy these scenarios as often as you want, as long as it remains healthy and doesn’t become an obsession.

Once you’ve chosen your roleplay theme, it’s entirely up to you how far you take it. It could be as simple as just pretending in your own bedroom, or as complex as booking a hotel room and taking outfits with you to “meet for the first time”.

Unusual Roleplay Fetishes

I list these as unusual simply because they just aren’t talked about as much. There is nothing wrong with engaging in any kind of sexual acts as long as they are safe and consensual. Scenarios can include:

  • Slave/Master
  • Captive/Torturer
  • Animal/Owner or handler
  • Gender reversal
  • Ageplay
  • Inanimate object roleplay, where one partner is a piece of clothing or furniture or even a sex-doll

Scenarios in this category tend to be a bit more advanced and often incorporating many toys or aspects of BDSM. One common type of sex toy used during roleplay scenes is a tail butt plug. These come in many different designs, such as fox tails, cat tails and even bunny tails and horse tails.

If you and your partner decide to engage in some of the more hard-core elements is of roleplay, it’s important to have a frank and open discussion ahead of time. This can include written contracts, no go areas, and should almost always have a safe word. It is important for each partner to trust each other fully, and if the safe word is said to stop immediately. Without trust, roleplay can never really work.

When Does a Fetish Become Too Much?

Fetishes can be a perfectly healthy part of the human mind to explore. In fact, engaging in some of your more suppressed desires can help maintain a healthy balance in other parts of your life. You need to be cautious though.

Too frequently indulging in roleplay fetishes can make it difficult to differentiate between the parts of the roleplay and parts of real life. If you feel at any point that you are beginning to lose control, it’s important to talk to someone. Your local doctor will be able to put you in touch with the appropriate professionals.

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