Homemade Butt Plug - How to Make Your Own

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You've been reading some of the articles on the site and it's got you rearing to go. One problem though, you've just ordered a plug, but you've got to wait for it to be delivered. There must be something around here that can get you off?

Can You Make Your Own Butt Plug?

This is a more difficult topic to cover. You can. But it's not without its risks. I would always advise you to pick up a professionally made plug from a proper vendor. If you MUST have something inside you right now though, there are a few options, and a whole lot of stories online. Now I will say right off the bat that I'm no doctor or medical expert, so always use your own common sense if you must do this, but I'll offer what advice I can. If you use any of these things as a butt plug, you do so at your own risk.

A Butt Plug, and a Snack?

In case you hadn't noticed, there are a fair few fruits and vegetables that are shaped very similarly to a penis. It’s almost like nature itself is telling you to use them. Cucumbers, courgettes, even bananas have been used by people as makeshift butt plugs. But how safe are they?

The main problem with using fruit and veg in your sensitive areas is how ripe or squishy they are. When inserting things inside you, especially anally, you're putting an awful lot of pressure on them. The sphincter itself is one of the strongest muscles in the human body. The last thing you want is to have the thing break from the pressure and turn into a gooey mess inside your bum.

If you've found a nice and firm cucumber though, and you're willing to take the plunge, I'd recommend always using condoms with them. You never know how clean your vegetables are with all the growth chemicals and insecticides that can be used on them, as well as how it's handled in the store itself (and I worked in one, it's generally not pretty). Your anal lining absorbs things much easier and quicker than other parts of your body and I don't think you want bug spray getting into your bloodstream.


The electric kind more specifically. I have seen many stories from people using their electric toothbrushes as makeshift butt plugs. Vibrations are nice, right? In terms of shape, these things are mostly like a plug. The one important difference though is that the base of the toothbrush will be flat, rather than tapered. That's the end you're looking to put in, I hope. This not only means it’ll be a bit more difficult to get in, there's also a risk of it tearing the lining of your anus with the pointier edges.

If this was to happen then you might end up with blood as well as other nasty germs on your toothbrush. As before I'd put a condom on the toothbrush and make sure it is 100% clean before using it on your teeth again. Overall, with all the germs and nastiness at play here, I personally wouldn't recommend using your toothbrush as a plug.

I'm a Crafty Type, I Must Be Able to Make Something!

This one is a little more advanced. If you happen to have a pottery wheel or glass blowing facilities readily available to you, you COULD fashion your very own plug made to whatever specifications you want. If you know what you're doing this could be a quite fun way to get a plug that tickles all the right places.

If you decide to make one of clay, you must bear in mind that clay is a porous material. As discussed in our article on sharing plugs, porous materials can adsorb bacteria from inside your anus, and retain these even after cleaning. Clay can also be quite rough, especially if you’re an amateur potter, so using a condom is probably for the best.

Glassblowing on the other hand is probably one of the safest ways you can make a custom toy. Glass is used in making many toys that are sold commercially, and as long as you can be sure that it won't crack or shatter, there's no reason you can't make on that's very similar, or even better. Shaping it the way you want can be nice. Glass plugs can also be boiled to keep all the germs at bay, and are quite smooth and easy to insert. This is probably the only DIY toy I’d say would be relatively safe without using a condom.

Other DIY Toys

If you've done a little googling, you'll have probably found many, many different things that people have been using in their butts. While I can't possibly cover every possibility, ill briefly go over some of the things I’ve seen suggested and give some thoughts.

Tampons. No, no, no, no, no! I know that some people are saying they are safe or it works fine, but I just can't get behind using these as butt plugs. They're made of cotton! So many germs and bacteria can get in amongst the fibers, and then absorbed into your bloodstream. Not to mention toxic shock syndrome. There’s a reason that women are only allowed to keep these in for a certain amount of time, and given the sensitivity of the skin in your anus, who knows when that might kick in. It's a resounding no from me for tampons.

Butt Plugs

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